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Public compost sites to close for Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Be sure to check your local compost facility website http://t.co/hlovbWluWC
Communicating Climate Change http://t.co/Kqmp3uJxyF
Reducing styrofoam one box at a time. #GoEarth http://t.co/JC7egpcR5X
BBC News - Invention of blue LEDs wins physics Nobel http://t.co/nUR1J7o7fi
Scientists: Drifting Styrofoam a toxic soup for world's oceans http://t.co/5qwPBDCakt
RT @noaaocean: ICYMI: What you need to know about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: http://t.co/YYckT7jwhf #30daysofocean http://t.co/HTl8A…
This is a pretty big deal: Sysco and US Foods Agree to Merge, Creating a World-Class Foodservice Company http://t.co/BTcLTN5PJQ
Solar Energy has become synonymous with train wreck. Check this out: http://t.co/pREJ7T0QUl
antioxidants, airless pumps must watch http://t.co/uIK9Bsk0f4
e-cigarettes: thoughts? #ecofriendly #not
airless pumps make active ingredients last longer in the pharmaceutical/cosmetics industry.
Lower emmissions are in our best interest, we love the outdoors.
We agree!!! @nokia_uk Thanks, #Apple ;) http://t.co/vhC3GbliK7
Follow the eco labels #Dell #Tech http://t.co/fbnbT3Hf2x
What drives millennials? companies that are here to make the world a better place. #Zappos #Toms #Patagonia
Producing products "right" from the start helps avoid unnecessary waste. What is the net impact on the environment?
#GoEarth #GoldenSpoon http://t.co/9Ak18R2OMI
We've encountered two types of shoppers: the bargain hunters vs the quality seekers at all costs. #FirstWorldProblems
Fresh ideas and fresh designs we love!
Minimalist packaging design. http://t.co/qHQkNbtqXj

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We make products and packages that replace plastic, foam, and tree based paper.
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Go Earth
Compostable Sugar cane and Corn Starch Plates, Cups, To Go Boxes, Utensils, Trays