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A Quick Look at 10 Benefits of ArcGIS Pro
Some awesome things that GIS/UAV pros can do with 3D data! πŸŒŽπŸ‘
I'm getting schooled in #uav from @jalaw3 @NeillJobe @geojobeuav
Having a look at some pre #uav flight control and mapping in #arcgisonlinewith @geojobeuav #mapthis
excellent geo EDU opportunity
Visiting the HQ #mapthis (@ Geo Jobe GIS, maping & UAV in Nashville, TN)
Go @Seahawks !! 😎
When your in a Nashville Tennessee honky tonk listening to "Proud to be an American" sung by a Canadian... Lol!! πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Ummm we have the bomb disposal unit outside here on Broadway St in Nashville!! Dang! #goSeahawks
I'm at Honky Tonk Central - @honkytonkcentra in Nashville, TN
Hello Nashville (@ Nashville International Airport - @fly_nashville in Nashville, TN)
Next stop Nashville with @SouthwestAir #giddyup
RT @GEOjobeGIS: 30 Years of GIS in the Rockies & A look at the Past, Present, and Future of Geo Tech #events
RT @pwross01: Here is a full list of bugs fixed in the @ArcGISOnline September 2017 update
sigh... are we even surprised any more?
Off to Nashville for the first time tomorrow! Looking forward to visiting Tennessee and @GEOjobeGIS + @geojobeuav -…
#5Things on #Friday Fall Edition! Best Practices, Fall Colors Map, Nat Geo #1, the new MapThis! GeoSwag Shop…
5 Things on Friday #47 - Best Practices, Fall Colors Map, Nat Geo #1, the new MapThis! GeoSwag Shop
Happy Fall from my favorite gal #ZoΓ« #labluv

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