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@DantesSpirit grandmother used to make the best rhubarb!
@tee_gee reading it all was like a bad bizarre! I would hate to go through life being that fragile. Kind of sad really.
@tee_gee I am waiting for someone to faint from all of the drama.
New lockets!
@CraftCult Looks great! :)
@ShaNicDesign Happy bday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. :)
@QueenKika I will keep my fingers crossed!! Feel good!
@QueenKika Oh no...I hope you are feeling ok?!
@QueenKika LOL...yes, I still do that & she is no longer a baby! Good news...we seem to be on the mend today. Thanks for the good wishes! xo
@QueenKika Thks. It has been 3 days now. I literally spent my day holding and rocking her. Breaks my heart. :(
My poor baby has been sick... sigh... I really miss her smile!
@QueenKika YAY, it is gone!
RT @dreamygiraffe: #removethebox
New lockets!
@momlogic Eek...what was she thinking? What a horrible "joke".
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@stylesmith I am so very sorry to hear about that!! :( You will definately be missed a lot.

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