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Want to tweet about #Drupal on #Github, to spread the github-love to Drupal? DM or @reply me. I am quitting Drupal (
drush_make_generator Bringing drush make to the masses in a simple GUI. by @rupl
A draft of proposed components and coding standards for #Drupal 8. by @jacine
Drupal Boilerplate - Boilerplate project for #Drupal development by @lullabot -
Drupal-Coda-Plugin - Plugin for Panic #Coda containing handy helpers for #Drupal developers - by @davyvandenbremt
If your company policy,etc. holds you from signing the #Drupal Code of Conduct, consider open sourcing on Github. We can promote that work.
@kees_ik Thank you for the mention. And feel free to send me any tips :)
Drupal7-WET-Distro - #Drush Make to rapidly build #Drupal for the #WET, Web Experience Toolkit - a gov focused Drupal
capistrano-drupal - A set of #capistrano recipies for working with drupal, by @PreviousNext --
EkinoDrupalBundle -- deeply integrate #Symfony2 with #Drupal and Drupal with Symfony2 --
phing-drupal-template - Phing build.xml file for Drupal projects -
dh-make-drupal -- Builds #Debian (Ubuntu) packages from any #Drupal contrib. $ sudo apt-get install dh-make-drupal -- - Zurb #Foundation Theme for #Drupal 7 by @iamdrewk
Indextank module for #Drupal - bij @flaptor. Very nice alternative for SOLR.
drupal-sopa-blackout - Drupal module that will automatically black out your site, in protest of SOPA, on Jan 18, 2012 -
drupal.api.js - An object oriented JavaScript API Library for RESTful Drupal CMS.
ngnix-for-drupal -- Barracuda Octopus Aegir BOA-1.4S stable release
DrupalCloud - An Android library to communicate with Drupal Services -

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