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Alexis Benedict Hayley Benedict This is so cute... https://t.co/c3TePYhawO
Receiving the Anniversary card (and rebate check) from the City caused me to reminisce and write this blog post:... https://t.co/2QjtBYs2ex
I started in 1999 but set up my LLC in 2002. Thanks City of Greenville for the acknowledgement! https://t.co/LeOwKUbpGy
This dog was on our front porch yesterday. Robert Benedict tried to catch her and she ran away towards Butler... https://t.co/naUVb4zMW9
Hard to believe over a year has passed since both girls graduated! https://t.co/XxGNS28K4k
Simon Sinek - The Millennial Question - Millennials in the workplace https://t.co/kbkHdX2SO3
Hi cousin! Glad we found each other on FB.
Anybody know the cause of our cable/tv/internet outage for the last 6+ hours & counting?
Let's make that 65 Brenda! Down 1 more lb today. This has been great doing this weight loss journey with you... https://t.co/ZFX1GMVWVy
Congratulations Clemson MRED graduates - Best MRED program in the country.... https://t.co/0AXOcDj4jf
QB fans! I am biting the bullet and upgrading my QB 2008 to the latest. Does it still work with the QB Timer, and... https://t.co/WamvJZfb29
Love the balloon. https://t.co/MD6xN9AjbL
Please tell me this is not true. How is this "Making America Great Again?" I don't care what political party you... https://t.co/H5Ak2s65CW
Hmm...Adobe dropped the ‘constrain proportions’ on the image resizing box in Photoshop awhile ago. I'm sticking with CS3.
Still proud of Robert & his hard work with the Clemson MRED program. This 2017 upcoming class is the largest in... https://t.co/7I2PbwmUPq
Buc-ees on the way to #thealamo to see Alexis Benedict. #tourist

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