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New issue of VivaLaModa is now online!!! =) YAY, over 60 pages of handmade & vintage fun, and for FREE!
New blog post! New Issue of VivaLaModa!
and second one:
New silk scarves!
@AnnaInTheHouse Such a sweet big guy! Gotta love him :) It's going to be a tough and boring year for him....
@AnnaInTheHouse WOW! With Greg after injury? Mustnt been his best moment. Yay for Roy moment! ;) You want to work in the media?
@AnnaInTheHouse GO is all over twitter lol everybody is talking about the surgery. Ack! Nobody should have back problems at 24! LOL
@AnnaInTheHouse How was your job ad the media truck by the way? Fun?
@AnnaInTheHouse he should get more minutes I GUESS. Oh well, this was definitely a shock! Poor Oden!
@AnnaInTheHouse oh damn, a bad day to be injured!! I guess he is going to miss a couple games and with so few players right now
@AnnaInTheHouse Is Oden seriously going to miss the whole season? Should be kiss goodbye the playoffs already?
@AnnaInTheHouse What what? Was he seriously going to start??? OMG! Well I hope Nate gives him another chance soon... spams sound creepy
@pdxtrailblazers Good luck!!!
@hellobesu Or a skinny silk scarf!
@hellobesu this silk headband? =)
@AnnaInTheHouse Blazers won! But OMG Oden! :( I'm so SAD!!
@AnnaInTheHouse good luck with your job!! =)
@AnnaInTheHouse A friend mentions rumors of Miller-Roy-Rudy-Oden-Aldridge as starting team tonight... Is that even possible? lol
@rudy5fernandez gran mate por cierto! :)
@rudy5fernandez Suerte esta noche! Los espaƱoles de Portland estamos contigo!! :) Beat Houston please!!

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