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I don't even use the twitter but had to log in to tweet at @Timodc you are my favorite person today for your @CNN appearance
willing to bet no one in your @firehouseagency was in NYC on 9/11 #NYC #hopeyougotpaidwell #SuperBowlCommercials
@CityMD you get a gold star today. @creativecloud you're terrible
Tues, contacted @CityMD & @creativecloud for double billing me. fully refunded in 18hrs by @CityMD still waiting to hear from @creativecloud
@Gothamist I totally support this. Though, really @bfishbfish isn't NY's shame New Jersey (or at least Upstate)?
@NumPang Are you not doing the grilled peach sandwich this year??
It takes a lot for me to be impressed with someone's branding. I'm very impressed with…
Walking around NYC, found this gem. More like Gramercy Pawn Broken..right? #typetuesday #type…
A winery in the city? In Brisbane?? To all my Aussie mates, come experience the soft launch of…
Good on ya qantas, awesome I got to watch @linotypefilm on my flight. #Qantas #AU #letterpress #Linotype
ifc portlandia I found the solution to celery's marketing problems. Ants on a log sorbet…
@jaanjehangir thanks for the support
@Christopoulosss thanks for the love
@giannaascotti thanks for the support
This will totally be time face when he wins! A dear friend of Giant Squid is just 60+/- votes from…
@rob_uws That is up for debate... but you can still help a guy out and vote for him
Vote #TeamTim for @nycfc sideline reporter! #soccer #football #nyc
Vote for my dear friend Tim Mcdonough to be an @NYCFC sideline reporter with the @YESNetwork #soccer #football #NYCFC
Forgot how spectacular a bourbon sour with cinnamon syrup is! Gonna need some "liquid courage" to make…
@NaomieRoss yup (Tuesday nights this semester) Why?

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