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Kutai now has turned the thought of controlling and monitoring the gensets anytime, anywhere into reality!… https://t.co/mbCnFvzq4r
We will be there at booth 3533! Time: DECEMBER 13 - 15, 2016 Place:Orange County Convention Center - North & South… https://t.co/MagUU13lWb
Kutai MCCB-type Automatic Transfer Switch control panels range from 100 to 1,600A in both 3- and 4- pole models!… https://t.co/Dtr3kHuuQt
NEWS! GCU-100 Automatic Engine Control and Protection Module https://t.co/OJ7dJsobvd https://t.co/XKFATMsYCx
New Product: EG4015! Check here for more information: https://t.co/vhGlYPRtzS https://t.co/AOuLWvgzK6
New Product: EC-01! Check here for more information: https://t.co/QrFMX6F6VK https://t.co/ZaHw1JWRDC
News! All-In-One Electronic Engine Governor Controller https://t.co/xG7EgKpP92 https://t.co/XtmSvUiawu
[Notification] EG2000 is discontinued and the stock will be sold out soon. EG3000 will be a recommended replacement. https://t.co/6VVvlntAnu
[NEWS!!] GCU-10 Generator Control Unit and DSP-10 Multi-function Display Module Via :https://t.co/Tsynhitquo https://t.co/q5em0A2JqN
[NEWS!] GCU-100 Automatic Engine Control and Protection Module Read the news via https://t.co/DJh5JmQyWt https://t.co/NeDk2IY6a2
ADVR-250: Hybrid analog-digital AVR for self-excited (shunt) generators! More information: https://t.co/j26io66DUl https://t.co/eyofIX3huh
GCU-4K allows you to MONITOR & CONTROL your genset ANYWHERE & ANYTIME! For more information: https://t.co/QXa66cgOjF https://t.co/9FUcRNtBDU
新製品情報!CH4612/CH4624自動充電器が発売されました。 CH46シリーズ知能自動充電器はジェルバッテリー、鉛酸バッテリー、AGMバッテリーに最適。UL認証取得!LEDで充電電圧、電流を表示することができます。満充電状態を維持しています。
NEW PRODUCT! CH46 Series Battery Charger ensures your batteries are ready when you need them most. https://t.co/V9eobniOJm
Kutai Electronics & MTS Power Products will be participating in a joint exhibition at "POWER-GEN International" https://t.co/mriIAoXnai
New 5 Amp self-excited genset AVR. Innovative heat sink increases cooling efficiency with great voltage stability. https://t.co/YAwZzWuzKE
All-in-one engine governor controller suitable for various type of actuators. http://t.co/E1fQx1ALVE
New Kutai double-throw ATS- http://t.co/KPOeSQT8IU 110V&220V models at rated current of 125A. Ideal for telecom cell sites or home use.
ADVR-08 Effectively reduces the temperature drift in self-excited,auxiliary winding,harmonic winding,PMG generators http://t.co/GyK0z17olL
2014年12月9日~12月11日Orange County Convention Centerで開催される"POWER-GEN International"にMTS Power Productsと共同出展いたします。 http://t.co/29siNlgBjk

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KUTAI design and manufacture parts for generator sets (Genset). Automatic Transfer Switch, Genset controller, Automatic Voltage Regulators,and Engine Governor.
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Kutai Electronics Industry Co., LTd.
Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator,Automatic Transfer Switch,Genset Controller,Generator Controller,Engine Controller,Automatic Mains Failure,Electronic Governor,Voltage Selector Switch,Double Throw ATS

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