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Our #scifi #opera "Pinnacle" addresses #transgender issues along with the acceptance of #difference…
Official Trailer for "Pinnacle", our #sciencefiction #ParticipatoryOpera. #opera #scifi #sf
Trailer for our #ParticipatoryOpera , Pinnacle - #opera #trailer
Presenting our #ParticipatoryOpera, "Pinnacle", a scifi story 25 min long, on Friday to an audience of about 100 pe…
#terrorism You are half as likely to die from a terrorist attack as to be killed by a shark. Why all the fuss?
#ParticipatoryOpera Have begun working on a #book that describes the work that went into the production of our #interactive #opera
#ParticipatoryOpera "Pinnacle", a 25-minute interactive opera in one act, will be presented to a conference public…
#ParticipatoryOpera Our interactive opera "Pinnacle" will be just shy of 25 minutes long
#ParticipatoryOpera We have completed the music for our opera "Pinnacle" to be presented in 10 days en primeur to the #Empathies2017 conf
RT @metalinjection: HIJAB-CORE! Meet The Indonesian All-Girl Muslim Metal Band, VOICE OF BACEPROT…
Also we have a virtual dance sequence developed from motion capture data of our dancer/choreographer in action #ParticipatoryOpera
Just completed studio voice recordings for our #ParticipatoryOpera project - took 8 hours to get the 10 minutes finalized
@kcarper83 Sometimes they act better than you would...
#wonderwoman #galgadot Who else is thrilled to have a heroine with an accent, clearly non anglophone? Just one more perk for this great film
#WonderWoman The script was also unusually sparkling and intelligent, a real pleasure to listen to. This will be film worth going back to.
I had tears streming from my eyes during the No Man's Land sequence too, and I'm a guy... still trying to work out why #WonderWoman
#WonderWoman Finally a superhero film that understands that the fighting is about things that matter, not a vigilante quest for "justice"
Loved #WonderWoman! So much more interesting than the other superhero films. You could tell a woman helmed it, too,, in all the right ways
Some of us guys cried too lol
Creating an #opera proceeds in stages and levels - first the libretto and the music, then a staging concept, finally the action blocking etc

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Fashion commentary from a new designer label : fashion design process - R&D - fashion technology - fashion & society - créateur & bloggeur
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Our first garment line, called g-zip, will feature transformable women's dresses and tops.

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