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Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the Boston Marathon bombing this time last year.
#Aging in place - walk in tub to satisfy aging in place requirements - from one of our recent projects.
#Automotive #Tip. Put less strain on your engine & automatic transmission by shifting to neutral at red lights.
#Wise #Words. "When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water"!
#Safety #Tip. Kids love 2 reach, so 2 prevent hot food r liquid spills, use the back burner of ur stove & turn handles away from the edge.
#Sports #Trivia. The #Boston #Bruins were the first NHL team 2 purchase a Zamboni in 1954, they travel an average of 3 miles per game!
#Household #Hint. To clean grass-cloth, burlap or cloth wall coverings, vacuum with the soft duster brush on the vacuum.
#Safety #Tip. Shopping on the internet? Keep your personal info private & your password secure.
#Household #Hint. If you loose power - a closed fridge will keep food safe for about 4 hours. A stocked freezer can last 48 hours.
#Wise #Words. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad". Mike Kington
#Household #Hint. Potpourri will eat the finish off furniture even if it's still in the plastic bag, do not place directly on a wood finish.
#Safety #Tip. Never overload electrical outlets, power strips may allow u plug more than 1 appliance n 2 an outlet, but use only 1 at a time
#Wise #Words. The best time to give advice to ur kids is while they're still young enough to believe u know what ur talking about!
Our thoughts & prayers go out to @BostonFire & to all first responders & especially to the Walsh & Kennedy families.
#Safety #Tip. Never allow kids play with lighters r matches. Kids as young as 2 have been able to operate lighters & start fires with them.
Is Spring Finally Here?, March Madness Etc. #constantcontact
#Safety #Tip. B careful using ur microwave, steam escaping from containers can cause burns. Foods warm n 1 spot can b scalding in another.
#Household #Hint. To clean grout spray it with white vinegar and scrub it with an old toothbrush. Let stand for 10 mins then rinse.
#Safety #Tip. Install smoke detectors in each bedroom corridor, at the top of each stairway and along your normal exit routes.
#Home #Maintenance. Have your fireplace chimney inspected and cleaned annually.

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