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#Auto #Tip. Put a sheet of fabric softener underneath each seat in the car to make it smell nice.
#Handyman #Tip. When tiling use pennies as spacers instead of store bought plastic ones. Pennies r easier 2 handle, more uniform & cheaper.
Something we don't want to know! There are more lifeforms living on your skin than there are people on the planet.
#Funny #Sayings. I know the voices n my head aren't real... but sometimes their ideas r just absolutely awesome!
#Household #Hint. 2 giv ur microwave a fresh smell, put 3 r 4 lemon slices in a bowl of water & cook on high for 30-60 seconds
#Garden #Tip. Leaves are like gold in your compost pile, adding much needed dry organic matter to make for delicious veggies next season!
Hope you are all having a great #Columbus #Day!
Did you know? You can you can burn up to 290 calories an hour raking leaves, so that’s an excuse to skip the gym and get out your rake.
External #renovations recreating the charm of yesteryear
RT @4eathealthier: What do you do with a mistake: recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it. -Dean Smith
#Copper leaf curved #ceiling & custom #pot #rack
Phew! All is well again after that big win by the #Patriots last night. Off to Buffalo!!!!
Can the New England Patriots get their mojo back tonight? Should be a game worth watching.
Kid's Safety Tip. In case of an emergency, share contact info (phone #'s, doctor info & allergy information) with your athlete's coaches.
Custom built #chimney with recessed palladium style panel & corbel detail at cap
#Home #Maintenance. To improve energy efficiency in your home - start with your windows. Replace them if you feel air flowing in.
Insulation is like a big winter coat for ur home - it's padding that prevents hot air from flowing out of the house improving efficiency.
#Wise #Words. Charm: The ability to get the answer yes without having asked the question.
#Stairs to back yard
Typical #Victorian #bracket details

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