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#Pet #Tip. Use stainless steel or ceramic bowls for feeding your pets as plastic bowls can harbor bacteria.
Custom fabricated #paneling and #casework enhance the beauty of this large stairway.
#Bathroom remodeling trends 2015
#Household #Hint. To repair scratches on the surface of wood furniture, fill in with appropriate shade of colored pencil.
#Household #Hint. Use denture cleaning tablets 2 clean toilets - drop 1 n the bowl & let it sit over night. Flush it away n the morning.
#Household #Hint. To avoid fade mark, always store ur clothing out of direct sunlight & strong artificial lights.
#Cooking #Tip. If you sprinkle potatoes lightly with flour before frying, they will come out beautifully browned.
This 6ft diameter #circular #window provides a vista to the forest.
Can Your Home Be Hacked? | Remodeling
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all out followers. It's like an #Irish day here in the Boston area!
#Household #Hint. Stop squeaky floor boards by sprinkling them with talcum powder.
#Animal #Tip. Just like u, ur pet can suffer from gum disease, tooth loss, & tooth pain. Regular brushing and oral cleanings are advised.
Did you know - #lemons contain more sugar than #strawberries?
Having a #kitchen like this makes cooking and meal times easy.
Days like today give us hope that we will eventually see grass again!
Gerry Dunleavy Design Build - Kitchen Projects March 2015: via @YouTube
#Wise #Words. Even when opportunity knocks, you have to get up off your seat and open the door.
Enjoy a workout in this basement home #gym
@MattBosso Just count yourself lucky that you don't live in Boston!
#Household #Hint. To sanitize baby bottles & nipples wash with vinegar & warm water, store n freezer 2 eliminate all of your germ concerns.

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