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The Business Discipline of Practice Growth: New Pursuits https://t.co/qRgID6lMje
Video: The “How” to Grow a Market Segment https://t.co/2KJwQWUtIU https://t.co/0p5prCODrK
Looking forward to speaking at @CPAmericaIntl NE regional meeting in June! https://t.co/Jaq4cLYEiu @CPAmericaIntl https://t.co/i7j9KZyhxe
It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s the Digital CPA! Leaping tall buildings in a single byte https://t.co/ImUtC1JZp6
The Times Are Changing. Is Your Firm Changing With Them? https://t.co/tvzF09ZRxk
New Pursuits. You’re Going to Want to Be Sitting Down for This One! https://t.co/hInhE2b3g5
2017 Thought Leader Symposium https://t.co/Fiaj2zvzEw @cpapracadvisor https://t.co/NY0IbEpK3j
Blockchain is going to rock our world. Take note! > Blockchain, accounting & audit: What accountants need to know… https://t.co/dT1ofYSl6k
No More Excuses! If you want to grow, you can’t avoid financial analysis. Period. https://t.co/2kTTHQWW2B
Think Growth, Not Marketing https://t.co/FKnEcHYXdL @CPA_Trendlines https://t.co/tuoj72OQSY
@CPAcom Thank you, glad to be a part of #DCPA17 #DigitalCPA
Steve Jobs Wasn’t The Einstein Of Our Generation, He Was The Picasso https://t.co/aNxSMwFRIk @FastCompany https://t.co/Z3eHyvMVWL
Financial Analysis – Just the Facts. More on a topic CPA’s hate! https://t.co/Vxb5fN0K9c https://t.co/77G2Vm9Qku
Marketing? You Bet You Should! But if you want to grow, it’s not enough. https://t.co/yq4AABkkH8 https://t.co/Wrry6ExIOA
Beyond Marketing. Think Growth, Not Marketing. https://t.co/0aAoD7JnJm https://t.co/BT1ygpiNd6
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If Growth is Your Goal, Choose Channels Over Referral Sources https://t.co/ueBvSeOjIV https://t.co/WgDKPC872A
Not All Fish Need Audits. What is market segmentation and why should you be doing it? https://t.co/sHadtJtFem https://t.co/moXjj6xG5J
Growth Strategies: Think Channels, not Referrals https://t.co/V5SjKFjod0 @CPA_Trendlines https://t.co/vRrybedenC
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Voted one of 10 Most Recommended Consultants by Inside Public Accounting, Gale Crosley, CPA consults with CPA firms on revenue growth issues & opportunities.

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