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@TheHauntedRobot thanks!!
@pcweenies thanks Krishna!
More dragon head drawing.
@kinkeddemand @robertc @kickstarter I just had the same issue, caused by an ampersand. Yeah, that's not totally ridiculous.
@tranquitropical thank you! Been working on some more mystical temple sketches recently. New series.
@tranquitropical very cool!
First shipment of Hallows Angels patches off to Kickstarter backers. #halloween #art #patch
Signing and numbering the 31 limited-edition Hallows Angels patch display card sets.
@FRENDEN thanks man!
@chartier @agiletortoise I'm a big fan of email for chats. Will do!
"…and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but 8 Halloween patches with a biker gang sneer"
I'm really digging the 2-week Kickstarter campaign. Helps to have awesome regular backers, of course.
"Order Of Krampus" patch & enamel pin set — final hours on Kickstarter: Thanks all for ano…
@etherbrian @kickstarter many thanks!
@iconmaster @etherbrian thank you!
The 3rd "Order Of Krampus" patch unlocked — or enamel pin; limited edition patches upgraded to red metallic thread!…
"Order Of Krampus" funded & stretch goal #1 unlocked. Initiates still accepted: #art #patch…
@Para_Mystery thank you!
@OverlordOf_Evil @Para_Mystery great idea!
@StephenCandy @ShootAgainGames thanks Stephen!

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Cartoonist. Humorous illustrator. Mac/Adobe geek. Mascots/logos & cartoon character design is my thing.

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