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obamacare, show up on his doorstep to receive it?
oops - some of his comments I liked, but no, just no. Top one on the list:
Obamacare becomes Obamascare
This is for all those future marks who'll buy a rebuilt Geo Metro from Jeff's in Washington...
Congress exempts itself from Obamacare
Get a job in North Dakota!
RT @plussone: US soldiers ordered not to view or download NSA leak info on Guardian website. Memo:
Green Gold - documentary by John D. Liu
Iraq: A decade of hell
Terror begets terror
Excellent webcast covering energy solutions for the future
CISPA is back
RT @repjustinamash: Under #CISPA, federal government subsidizes companies to violate your privacy. There are better ways to achieve cybe ...
Bitcoin already crashed by central bank
How the central banks are destroying bitcoin
I want some too, but not now
The founding fathers would be defined as terrorists in our day and age. Sad. The Bushes are guilty of treason.
BRICS seeks to break IMF monopoly on monetary system.
cancer cure
real estate bubble hits China

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