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Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. Sign up for free! https://t.co/brx6qYzwrv
Buyer and seller activity in Australian capital city housing markets continues to improve #RBA http://t.co/tFOw2Zv7VO
Interesting video on why we age and how to slow down the process of aging http://t.co/R6SyEm7D #Health #Aging #Science
Parishioners feel angry as 'temple police' blamed for Toowoomba Bishop William Morris' downfall http://ow.ly/596bg #catholic #church
Hackers take down Casey Heyne’s school website #Anonymous http://bit.ly/h3yP9X
NSW RTA: Expect Delays. Truck Lost Load @ MILLERS POINT Sydney Harbour Bridge just past South Tolls.Lanes 1 & 2 Close http://ow.ly/4eBAM
Skeptical with motivational speakers who doesn't like helping certain types of people :( http://on.fb.me/gvzkJs #thesecret #motivation
Global Warming report aimed at clarifying often contradictory comments from non-scientific ''instant experts''. http://ow.ly/2r25U
YouTube - The 'Work Choices' Budgie Smuggler #ausvotes http://ow.ly/2pNkM
Refugee Mythbusting Animation - GetUp! #ausvotes #myliberal @liberalaus http://ow.ly/2pNeT
YouTube - Tony Abbotts archaic views - Youtube Spot http://ow.ly/2pA5z
I Was searching for an online marketing info and found http://ww.thewaytohappiness.org Is this a #Scientology website? #Religion
Richard Branson's top five tips for entrepreneurial success rely on getting the most out of your people http://ow.ly/2f5nw
Australian Federal Election 2010: Need to change your address or name details you have by 8pm Thur. 22 July 2010 http://ow.ly/2dHED
If some graduates can't respect older people then no need to interview them for senior #jobs. http://bit.ly/8YR60p & http://bit.ly/b1ebfj
If only Kevin Rudd had spoken like this more often | The Punch #leadership #australia http://bit.ly/bbJudc
A nifty tool, an iPhone Guide Search for iPod, iPad Information http://bit.ly/myiphoneguide
Is a Devastating Solar Flare Coming to a City Near You? : Discovery News http://ow.ly/1ZhDv
As strong rivals emerge, do you really need a new iPhone? http://ow.ly/1UOq8
What does it mean for a business to be DIFFERENT? http://ow.ly/1UFVx

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I am a Sydney based consultant & a Dad,I'll Tweet about Blogs, Twitter, Tech News & Sites. Entrepreneurship & being a startup.

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