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The future is green energy, sustainability, #renewable #energy.-Arnold Schwarzenegger
The small business is the owner's livelihood, retirement, personal reflection, and family history. #Businessowner
#Bikes are an efficient way of #transportation, and you can place grocery items in baskets or on a trailer.
Household cleaners or water for plants can be retained in spray bottles that have held nontoxic cleaners. #recycle
Restaurants can shop local by purchasing produce, seafood, meat, and pastries from local suppliers. #B2B #localrestaurants
Go to the # grocery 3store and buy better things. Buy quality, buy organic, buy natural, go to the farmer's market. - @chefsymon
Small businesses allow us to discover specialty shops selling vintage clothes, random trinkets, and treats in mason jars.
#Traditional #supermarkets are where most grocery shopping is rendered along with isle numbers and a three digit fruit code.
Shoppers can buy organic fruit that is in season to save money and capitalize on the robust flavor. #seasonalproduce
Go Green with #Soles4Souls a charity that recycles used footwear and clothing while breaking the cycle of poverty.
“The Earth is what we all have in common” ― #Wendell Berry
Shopping local is a great multiplier that funds parks, schools, and community events. #shopcommunity
#Towncenters are sustained with the help of locally owned and operated businesses.
Shop locally and #save #money on gas by walking to the grocery store and putting your items in a folding cart.
#GoingGreen can be simple to implement, cost very little money, and have a tremendous impact on natural resources.
Reusable bags come in a variety of deisgns and are green solution to paper and plastic bags. #reusable bags
Behind every small business, there’s a story worth knowing. All the corner shops in our towns and cities didn’t come out of nowhere. –...
Local stores purchase goods and services from other local businesses while chain stores do not. #B2B
Locally owned #businesses create more #jobs and pay higher wages than chains.

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