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Kadi rocking her FL casual wear at NOTY!!!
I will be returning all messages from the weekend within the hour!! Atlee looking adorable in her new FL face...
All done!!! Can't wait to see this all dolled up and on the stage
Congrats to Kadi on her 2015 NOTY Mega Grand Supreme win this past weekend!!! Sporting her FL casual wear!!!! WTG...
If you have contacted me about outfits for Butterfly Kisses, AGM, or PF...deposits are due! I will not put you on...
A few Saturday morning pretties on the table!!!
SHIPPED!!!! a few sneaks!
Custom for Mary!! Shipped
$48 SHIPPED RTS Size 5t dress/6 tunic Christmas twirl peasant 3/4 sleeve with attached sash
$40 SHIPPED RTS size 6 GINGRBREAD house peasant dress
Fox print is Sold out...I have one of these left in a custom size!
ELKE dress....I can do 2 more of this print in a custom pick the size....$35 (sizes 2-5) $40 (sizes...
Fox ELKE dress.....custom size (2-10) I have space for TWO of these in the pick the size $35 (sizes...
Ready to ship ELKE dresses....$35!
Custom for Miss K!!! shipping today with extra pretties in the box! :)
Custom for Miss A!!!!
Wanted to share a new design I had the privilege to test recently for a pattern designer...The Blanche Dress!!!
I have a few of these ELke Dresses coming up today in a selection of pattern prints..some RTS and a few custom size spots!

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