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Don't forget to have #dessert today. That's your #mondaymotivation. :) https://t.co/n4J861SdrZ
Spreading #brownie joy... https://t.co/AZLk4udsiK
May #autumn burn brightly wherever you live. #happyfall https://t.co/mkaxnbtgQb
@TheCooksCook yes, I just did!
We're proud of Kim! Women in Operations 2016 | Making Big Strides in a Male-Dominated Field https://t.co/Sx3pI1XSlZ
@JewelFigueras yay! Congrats!
@twaalkens yum! #happy fall
Looks like a delicious combo! https://t.co/aXciZmu2pl
Get out and play today! @kaboomplay https://t.co/qFLgmiG3eT
Come visit Fairytale today at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival in San Fran. #brownies #cookies #bars https://t.co/p1H2S1IVVj
Visit us at #ghirardelli #chocolate #festival by the bay from noon to 5 pm tomorrow. https://t.co/CBX7lhlS6f
So glad to hear! @ramonasukhraj @Impactbnd
Thanks, @ThePopBag! Great timing... pumpkin fans enter to win some here beginning at 10 a.m. https://t.co/4XdzpaXDK2 https://t.co/SjhwYOa9L7
@ramonasukhraj Email alyssa@brownies.com - I'll send you some to try.
@ramonasukhraj 😁 Now that you know us, spread the #brownie word.
@eatthelove @simplyrecipes I'm trying to use them sparingly as well.
@TheCooksCook thanks! will check it out.
@blendfresh @TheMomNoms Done!
Didn't get to attend #TECHmunch? Here's a chef blogger's take on the event. Thanks for the #fairytale mention! https://t.co/HwCe8zlRL2

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Fairytale Brownies - Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Brownie Gifts. Fresh baked Tweets from Kari @ the FT Bakery in PHX!

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