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@JoshuaHumphrey Dawwwwwww. Keep our snark in your heart forever.
@JoshuaHumphrey We gone, yo.
@OnanRulz And you were so close...
@kelvin_hatle The times when you have seen only one set of Fringe footprints, is when we carried you.
@10000comicbooks Yes.
@cwethern You actually didn't miss much.
@cwethern was certainly NOT one of us.
Oops. We may have broken TheaterTruth. You're welcome.
@theatertruth OMG, you did it again! Please stop apologizing. It's getting awkward. You're forgiven.
@theatertruth We said it's okay that you copied us. You can stop apologizing.
@theatertruth Don't get upset. Coming up with something original is hard. The key: never stop trying.
@theatertruth Anonymous theatre snark? Damn! You only missed it by about 3 years.
Sooooo many #frottie pics. Keep 'em coming tonight at the Varsity! #mnfringe
And just like that...Fringies: #mnfringe #mnfringies
@BallerMahler Congrats, frottie! Just remember: the #frotties aren't affiliated with the #mnfringe (and neither are we).
@swellgalmary Maybe next year, old lady. Maybe next year.
@JenaYoungTweet I'm not sure we want to get in the middle of this...
#mnfringe Frot List pushed to tomorrow. There are just too many #frotties for us to keep track of.
@swellgalmary The Fringies aren't even a little bit important. They're like the Iveys in that way. #mnfringe
@brashlionroars Well...if it's not funny in that context, it probably never is. Regardless, we changed it just for you.

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