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The power of a logo: It unites all your marketing assets—ensure your business doesn't go without one.
@MSFX Hi Matt, our iOS apps work with an active FB account, so both paid and free accounts will work, including yours. :) ^BW
@MSFX Hi Matt, we will never force you to upgr. if you're grandfathered in. You can stay on free plan for as long as you're using it. ^BW
@SeanMElliott Heya Sean, glad to see you found the FAQ with the steps to change the date format! Appreciate you updating us. Take care. ^BW
Missed our feature story in @forbes? We share the work behind the making of the all-new FreshBooks.
Today, business websites need to do the heavy lifting. Enjoy our free eBook for all your website-building needs.
Understand the holes in your financial history, so you can lock down a business loan with ease.
@RayKhanSays Hi Ray, they should do! Could you please DM your email so I can find your account and we can troubleshoot together? ^LB
You don't need to be a "yesman" to be successful in business. Sometimes, saying "no" is A-ok.
"As a long-time FreshBooks customer, the platform has helped tremendously with the business side of things."
Getting *ghosted* by a client is scary—especially for your cash flow. Here's what to do if it happens to you.
"Today, women represent 40% of new entrepreneurs in the United States."
Despite how busy you may be, your legal obligations should always be taken seriously.
Ensured you're aligned with your client every step of the way—FreshBooks Estimates can help you do so.
Thinking of attending a conference this year? Here are some top ones to attend for creatives:
@jasonsparrow Thanks for the mention, Jason!
Discover the essential elements of every hero's journey, so you can share your business story with your clients.
Learn to effectively fight your fears as an entrepreneur (you're not alone, every business owner has them).
Need to *up* your project management game? We share the best resources to make the job a breeze.
@ARasheedPhoto Hey Adam! That's a great resource that Matt sent- if you have any other questions about it, feel free to DM us! ^BD

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