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Soviet Army In Pictures
Examining Bear Diets
Now you can find a free "must see" digest of Moscow on our website
Our first digest of "must see" places in Moscow will be soon uploaded on our website. Absolutely for FREE.
First snow in Moscow
The weather becomes more and more colder. We expect snow tomorrow :(
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New mayor of Moscow, Sobyanin promises to fight with traffic jams and corruption. Let's see. Intellectual elite is rather sceptical.
The weather changes all the time. Today it rains and +10C.
Actively use - it reflects anew trend in the travel industry. Discovering cities as a local is much more interesting.
What Do Foreigners Think About Russia?
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It's 1 a.m. on my watch, but the work is still in progress. Working in startup requires a lot of effort and enthusiasm. Igor (Frent CEO)
#places Patriarch Ponds in Moscow
Now we have a a Facebook Like Box on our web page
Frent appears on Facebook
Our Frent team has just finished the meeting at 1-2-3 cafe in Moscow.
We have updated the list of our services

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