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Our Location Intelligence Guru @ryan_kotzebue shares how to get started in our Foursquare Developer Playbook. ++…
App Shortcuts for @Foursquare on Android 7.1!
Marsbot for Android is here! Check it out and let us know what you think! @marsbotapp #foursquare
Does anyone out there use @zapier and want to test the Foursquare app I just made?
RT @MarissaChacko: “How to make a context-aware bot: Foursquare’s big bet on Marsbot” by @sandimac
Hey @adem_gungor. Definitely go with https if you can 👍
@iainmullan thx 4 reporting. I filed this as a bug w/web team - shouldn’t effect API in the meantime.
So are we!
@oliverdotnet thanks for following up! Response is in your inbox now
RT @saksenanitin: Thanks @mosjef @Foursquare @foursquareAPI @APIworld for the wonderful insight of FourSquare APIs
@katinaccio check the ‘X-RateLimit-Remaining’ HTTP header in the API response. You may have hit rate limit.
@detroitpro you can use the sortByDistance flag to filter by distance with the venue/explore endpoint
@thom_spbr you should be able to get through all 316 with offset param. Email me if stuck -
@johnjoseph @tiffani let us know how we can help ->
@scottpellett email with the api call + error code and I’ll check it out
@Nirmitk26 I’d use it if I had a Windows phone. When is it coming to iOS?
So who’s going to build the next AR/location hit with the Foursquare API? #pokemongo ⚡️
Can’t wait to see what gets built on the 4sq API now that Apple opened up Maps, Siri and Messages to developers!
The issue of venues/search not returning any results for some categoryIds is fixed now 🙌
@SatinderApps @SeanDoyle1994 @aforty Looking into it now! Seems that this is occurring when a top level categoryId is provided

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