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@DeweyKang Everyone is waiting for you!
@DeweyKang Ok! There’s already apps and stuff! Even a yawp beta. Looking forward to seeing you there.
@DeweyKang Why are you not joining the rest of the ADNers on Pnut?
My ladies went from 0-60! @ Jamestown, Washington
#nationalnappingday? Count me in!!!! #queenofnaps
@miksullivan @BlairThomson @coreyholms Ooh, so awesome. Love his pieces.
Moss garden @ Jamestown, Washington
@Berklee It was neat. We get quite a few of them, but usually one thick end. It was super low. ;)
Both ends of the rainbow. @ Jamestown, Washington
Time for fresh eggs again! Thank you my feathered ladies. @ Jamestown, Washington
Really? Again? @ Jamestown, Washington
@coreyholms @hhpapazian It drives me crazy. Rest of the family puts on music the second they get in. But long drives I listen to podcasts.
@bupk_es Hi there! I’ve pretty much been off for a month now. 👋 @fields @askvirginia @larand @RedQueenCoder @RyanRTharp @thelmabowlen
@paprikaapp Is there a way to link two recipes together? Like if you have a sauce recipe that the main recipe requires?
@thefieldcompany Sorry, kitchen light is not great – smoked paprika and garlic roast. Shifting wine sauce to anothe…
@andylampy I also cook with lots of bacon drippings. :)
@andylampy My @thefieldcompany pan came with a lovely pre-season, but I have in the past done a good layer of oil in/out w 500° oven.
Got to use my new @thefieldcompany cast iron skillet for bacon this morning. Worked like a charm. 🍳
@coreyholms Done, asshat.
Truly never thought I'd see the day. I can actually see the bottom of my Colman's mustard tin.

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Part-time glassworker and teacher, part-time architect - Producing modern, minimal and sophisticated lampwork jewelry.