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WTF "What can a brokerage do? -Alter or discontinue pricing as needed, especially ahead of news releases"
RT @bbands: I have to say that I think that all you altcoin types are the cat's pajamas. Pioneering a new world, not too many can say that.
“We believe that we need to bring the data transparency into FX" Drew Niv, CEO FXCM -
I can place an order directly on Next step: automate risk management and other cool stuff
Soon you'll be able to follow your trading account and place your orders directly on Mataf. #MatafPlatform
Thank you @NASDAQ :)
The correlation page has been updated. Some improvements have been asked by Mataf's members.
Just received some stuff to work on a forex trading box.
The correlation page should be faster to load. I improved the calculation and fine tuned the database this morning.
This experimental trading platform will be powered by @tradable and @oandaapi and will be deeply integrated in the tools, forum, news feed..
A new forex trading platform is almost done... on paper. I hope that the beta version will be online on in June.
@Marc_Hav Thanks Mark
@EduardMapas thank you
@magicpool thanks
Hey, it's official, after a 14 months break, I'm back full time on
5 years ago, 1st December 2010, FXCM’s IPO raised $211 Million (market cap>$750M). Market cap. today is $35 million.
. @IGcom, IG everywhere
Hi folks, I'm rewriting from scratch. One of the best work I've done since a long time. I'll give update more often
RT @WhispersNewsLTD: This is Sparta #GreeceCrisis #Greece

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