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68.00 USD

This is a simple but stunning bracelet that I have made sturdy enough for everyday wear.
I have used ten small Rough Raw Gray Diamonds, beautiful petite Topaz beads, Karen Hill Tribe Silver Beads, Sterling Silver Clasp, crimps and jump rings. I have also added a Small Crystal Pedant that can Be easily removed if you would like to wear it without the extra bling.

This bracelet measures 7 3/4 inches and I can make one in the exact measurement you prefer if you just let me know when you check out what size works for you.

31.00 USD

Free Gift wrapping of Brown Paper and String with upgrades available

I?m happy to make one just for you if you would like a different length.

I've used Beautiful and very Tiny and Delicate Silver plated beads (2mm) to make this bracelet. It measures 32.5 inches and can be wrapped five times around my 6 inch wrist but also can be wrapped loosely four times. (See Listing for photos)

It?s multi purpose and can be worn as a cute necklace as well:)

38.00 USD

Free Gift wrapping of Brown Paper and String with upgrades available

Ready to ship
Will arrive wrapped and ready for gifting

Stabilized Turquoise and with turquoise dyed howlite spacer beads and sterling silver beads and clasp

*Measures 7 inches
I am happy to adjust anything that I make to the fit you request

Turquoise is a stone of protection and a symbol of friendship
It is a stone that was Traditionally worn by leading rulers and kings for centuries

Howlite is a great stone to reduce anxiety, tensions, stress and anger, it is gentle, soothing and calms the energy around you.

60.00 USD

Free Gift wrapping of Brown Paper and String with upgrades available

Gorgeous quality Emerald beads along with beautiful large Chrysocolla gemstones. I also added a sterling silver emerald box clasp to add ease to putting on and taking off.

I've made this very durable my son even joked that it could double as a weapon because it would do real damage if you hit someone with it and that I should market it as a self defense weapon.

*Measures 18 1/2 inches

Chrysocolla is believed by some to be a stone of harmony. It also is said that chrysocolla can help ease fear, anxiety, and guilt, and bring hope.

Emeralds are traditionally stones of inspiration and infinite patience. Emeralds are believed by some to embody unity, compassion and unconditional love.

40.00 USD

Beautiful Luxurious Look! These are spectacular genuine faceted (actually these are beautiful Prasiolite, there is no such thing as green amethyst gemstone but that is the common marketing gemstone name for these perfect beautiful green gemstones )

These could be worn with elaborate formalwear or simply dress up jeans and a tee shirt.

I believe they will make a very special gift and I will ship in a cute heart shaped hinged metal box for no additional cost unless you?d prefer it to be wrapped in a paper box.

Prasiolite, also referred to as Green Amethyst, is a very spiritual stone. Prasiolite assists in bringing spiritual ideals into expression in every day life. Some believe that Prasiolite also clears negativity.

Fun Fact: Ancient Greeks believed that the stone protected the wearer from drunkenness and enabled them to keep a balanced mindset.

58.00 USD

These will make such a cute gift for sisters, best friends, or Mother and Daughter:)

?? Price includes upgraded shipping and gift wrap. ??
I?m happy to wrap together or separately just let me know what you prefer.

Beautiful 3 to 4 millimeter Multicolored Tourmaline, two round garnet beads on each bracelet,14 karat Gold clasps, and Gold Filled findings.
One measures 6.75 Inches
And the other 7.25 inches
They can be adjusted to different sizes of needed

Multicolored Tourmaline -Watermelon Tourmaline all stones are 100% natural

Tourmaline is a balancing stone, which cleanses and purifies. It grounds spiritual energy and helps to clear and balance the chakras. Shamans use this stone to protect them during ceremonies, and it is also used for scrying. It is thought to attract tolerance and compassion, and promote prosperity.
This stone symbolizes permanence, stability, and security. It?s a protective talisman that?s not only powerful but also beautiful and elegant!

73.00 USD

Holiday Sale 25 %Off At Checkout And On all Orders over $50

Artistically designed, it makes a stunning bracelet. It is durable it only looks delicate. With care it will last generations.

Semiprecious Stones,Black Rutile,Black Spinel,Black Pyrite,
Pyrite,Silver Coated Pyrite,
and A Rose Gold Filled Clasp

I was inspired to make this bracelet by a quick but furious storm that moved through one afternoon. The color of the sky was mesmerizing and this was my take on it. It?s like wearing a little piece of artwork.

*Measures 27.5 inches and I can add an extension if needed

*Free shipping for a limited time I am upgrading shipping on orders over $50.

52.00 USD

Free Gift wrapping of Brown Paper and String with upgrades available

These Are Genuine Pink Rhodolite Garnets and Pink Tourmaline chips, all stones are 100% natural. They pair beautifully and have a delicate look as the garnet beads are very small and dainty.

I hand selected and hand strung these beads and they should last generations if well cared for.
all stones are 100% natural
Measures 8. 25 inches but I?m happy to restring and adjust to any size you may need. I have Sterling Silver and yellow gold clasps and findings if you may want it in another finish.

Garnets Are believed by some to promote self-empowerment and higher thinking, and can harness your creativity which can help you in all your pursuits.

Pink Tourmaline is an extraordinary crystal for cleansing the emotional body of destructive feelings and old wounds accumulated over time. It releases guilt, worry, depression and anxieties, and guides those emotions into self-love.

23.00 USD

Handmade antiqued bronze charm holder necklace with semiprecious and precious stones
Features a wire wrapped crystal, and beautiful tiny stones of Garnet, Ethiopian Welo Opal, and vivid green Chrome Diopside that are wire wrapped around individual smooth polished stones one is a moonstone and another is sunstone, I?ve also added a yellow hazy stone that I believe to be Jasper which is an opaque variety of Chalcedony.
I?ve also placed a pair of blue Lapis Lazuli and pink Czech glass beads into the chain.

Chain length measures 19 inches
Pendant length is 2 and 3/4 inches

32.00 USD

Free Gift wrapping of Brown Paper and String with upgrades available

Garnets and Gold Pyrite makes a subtle Gryffindor fan bracelet.

It would be a great gift for the bookworms out there too!
Measures 7 inches but I?m happy to adjust to the size you need.
Garnets, Gold Pyrite,gold plated beads,
14 k gold clasp

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