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New natural language reminders app, Alert Notes for iPhone, is now live on the App Store. Check it out here:
Recipe Tap 2 available for the #ipad and the #iphone . Recipe app that works even when offline.
forgot to mention that the new recipe #iphone app is free
New cool recipe #iphone app in the #appstore, Recipe Tap
cool iphone apps for the home cook -
RT @tweetmeme Paul Is Dead Hoax
purkee needs beta testers for new grocery list iphone app, Tap Grocer. Signup at this url:
mc donald's ice coffees: . Wonder when we'll have them here?
baked potatoes and vegetables for dinner
after 4 days of rain, it's good to see the sun.
our neighbor owns a pineapple field. He gave us some of their harvest. Fresh pineapples tastes a lot better than the canned variety
shitake fried rice for lunch
interesting article about canceling tv shows in the microblogging age:
oatmeal for breakfast
putting together a deep dish pizza
eating a peanut butter sandwich. the simple things in life are the best.
back from the grocery. got bananas, pineapple and a watermelon
made peanut butter cupcakes from the joy of cooking. silicone cupcake cups worked really well. very easy to unmold and really colorful
will be testing my new silicone cupcake cups
need to new something to relax. been working too much lately

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