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Thank you all for another wonderful #TL_Chat! Happy travels!
A10: "The most important thing about family travel in 3 words: shared new experiences." - @salwajabado #TL_Chat
A9: "Peru. My wife spent her early childhood there, and my son has six years of Spanish class he wants to put to use." - @ebwechter #TL_Chat
@cjmcginnis Oh no! Did you get away unscathed? #TL_Chat
A8 "I hope my daughter will gain a lifelong curiosity about other cultures, places, people, & food." - @salwajabado #TL_Chat
RT @TravlandLeisure: Q7: Do you have any family vacation disaster stories? T&Cs #TL_Chat
A6 Coming from the flat prairies of the Midwest we marveled at the Colorado Rocky Mountains during our camping trips.- @luketravels #TL_Chat
A6: 3-wk-long car trips (6 of us!) from NY to a lake in Minnesota taught me to love road adventures & travel flexibly. - @LCabasin #TL_Chat
RT @markenroute: A5: Since all of us -- even kids -- are online constantly, printed guides are great! #TL_Chat
A5: If you're into high-tech, you can't go wrong with these entertainment gadgets: #TL_Chat
Great idea! RT @nomnerd: @TravlandLeisure A4: go to local supermarkets and stock up on snacks. Saves LOTS while traveling. #TL_Chat
A4.2: Our top 10 tips for traveling with kids will help everyone stay organized, excited and entertained: #TL_Chat
A4.1: @LCabasin swears by rentals in cities & beach/countryside spots. They save money since you can eat in, do laundry, & more. #TL_Chat
RT @TravlandLeisure: Q4: Traveling with kids can be expensive. How does your family stay on budget? T&Cs #TL_Chat
Turks & Caicos is a #Fodors100 hotel for that reason! MT @jetsetfam: @BeachesResorts! heard wonderful things about family programs! #TL_Chat
A3: We love these 13 family-friendly hotels: #TL_Chat
RT @TravlandLeisure: Q3: Do you have a favorite family-friendly hotel/ airline? What special amenities make them stand out? #TL_Chat
RT @sphrcl: A1: We decide the trips, but we encourage each child to pick at least one activity for the time. #TL_Chat
A2: These cruise lines are vacations that both parents & kids can agree on: #TL_Chat
@JETSETWorldTrvl Count us in too! We'll be one big happy, travel family. #TL_Chat

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