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@bohemiancoding - @UW is trying to get in touch about bulk EDU licensing for one of my classes and haven't heard back. can you please?
I listened to 1,950 hours of music on @Rdio – most of it I would have never discovered on my own #RdioFarewell :(
RT @igorvolsky: Sen. Feinstein just offered an amendment requiring terror suspects to undergo background checks for gun purchases. It faile…
#BackToFutureDay https://t.co/xsRxTZpEmK
RT @libovness: New post on Whoops: “Why Messengers” Making the case for a new aggregator to deliver services that don’t need apps http://t…
RT @Khanoisseur: Why top talent leaves http://t.co/n3jjwYWGCJ
arrived in my hometown #pdx for #xoxo
@daniellemorrill @bmann true. to quote a friend: "Seattle is 80% talent with only 20% ambition"
RT @dstorey: In the Seattle area? Come learn about viewports with @ppk on Wed 14 May. It’s the kind of talk you’d usually pay for http://t.…
@iRayyan part of the UW iSchool degree program
Doing some last minute prep for my UW class on Mobile App Design that starts today!
First @macklemore & @RyanLewis wins, then the @Seahawks …rest of world, meet Seattle, it really is the coolest place on Earth.
Seattle is freaking out http://t.co/LQVv7V127r
just moved http://t.co/5vDXPcfFtM to @github and opened up all the code https://t.co/AsTOPlRcQC
the new Facebook Messenger has a faked out iOS7 alert to get your contacts. clearly Apple is being lax on UI standards these days.
“it’s coming in on the RSS feeds” has to be one of the dumbest movie lines ever written
Timbers v Sounders Playoff game! Go Sounders!! http://t.co/6rq2Dx3tbL
currently standing in the “I bought it at 12:01am line” http://t.co/uYikVM0Us7
canceling something should always be as easy as signing up for something

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