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@nervous_jessica That is about the best we can get from our cats too.
@sophywong It is surprising how nobody else seems to even notice or care.
@kcimc That is such a Kyle sentence.
@kcimc Weird. SF? I remember seeing lots of content like that on utility poles in and around Hayes Valley.
@wdlindmeier Tell him it's a fancy way to delegate chores and early bedtimes. That'll buy you another few weeks.
@nervous_jessica Of course! Still got my Nervous System cups and light in pristine condition :)
@nervous_jessica Is that where we met?
@quasimondo @kcimc Exactly what I was thinking. 🙄
RT @khoi: About to board a plane and the flight number is 404. Should I be worried? https://t.co/pWo2zWNSEc
It says "Finished" and "Hobby" so I guess this is not CG? https://t.co/mfF1fWH0I2
RT @n1ckfg: Looked at @flight404's work in class; inspired a tool for quick CSV musical scores cc @yotammann @alexanderchen https://t.co/eS…
RT @quasimondo: Looks like nobody reads the README. There is a 1 hour clip of @nvidias's generated faces with just 166 views: https://t.co/…
@zoecello I still eat a banana before going on stage, nerves or not, thanks to you...
@zoecello I don't see any bananas!
My first AR birthday greeting ever. Thanks @wdlindmeier! https://t.co/G31fcDmAPs
@quasimondo Wow, I played for about ten minutes and saw the allure but sheesh, didn't realize how crazy it gets!
RT @WorldAndScience: Micro-crack in steel viewed through an electron microscope. https://t.co/ESGCuind4U
RT @colerise: Here's two years of work, and the culmination of a deep obsession with space cameras: https://t.co/WD8FxhkZe4 https://t.co/6k…
RT @eddbiddulph: One way to generate a branching structure without self-intersections: Fill volume slices from a (Grey-Scott) reaction-diff…
@kcimc @indianmusic Nerd-hipster. :)

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