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To @Merrigunz @thecorysteele @joshsdh & all other mobile Flickcharters - you should be back in action now. http://t.co/JGmouwQ3OO
@kapricious_t Our system supports top 5 billed stars for each movie currently, but we'll be expanding that in a future update.
@Merrigunz We've been working on it. Hopefully soon.
@Merrigunz We've been having issues with the mobile site (server junk), but the desktop site's running just fine.
RT @dorrk: Complete coincidence. Or is it? #flickchart #ChildsPlay2 http://t.co/tYInNssnTG
@thecorysteele Looks like a server issue. We're on it.
@kipjmooney we've got to re-establish your baseline. Knowing what you truly think is of value at the top - and the bottom - is vital.
@PleaseLikeThis Thanks for repp'ing! That looks like some serious tabletop action there!
@Schlick51 Hey, thanks! You're pretty swell. Thanks for being a long-time user!
@maxyj_p What's that? Spartacus is mocking you? Where's the conundrum?
@jewbo23 It's ready to rank: http://t.co/bQTDE4cn1z
@ojaniemi The date no one wants to hear: "When it's done.". We're working towards it though!
RT @shibadou: My Top 20 on @Flickchart now has four Marvel studios flicks. #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy is for real. This generation's Star Wars.
@grantvbromley Sorry you're having so many issues! Others are sharing to Twitter with no problems. It's got to be a browser/plugin issue.
@ThomasPelkey It's the "." in your username. Try signing out and sign back in as just "thomaspelkey". http://t.co/N1EVW0XJzr
@TheeJesseHelton @MikeJBknows @mattleblunk So many movies to rank, so little time...
RT @ZackSnyder: Great time at #SDCC this year! #WonderWoman #DCTrinity http://t.co/iPhukjD0F3 http://t.co/JobeSzwfH4
RT @screencrushnews: First look at Wonder Woman! http://t.co/U4ZZfkJuLC
@grantvbromley that's really weird. We use MacBooks ourselves and have never had an issue.
@grantvbromley Odd. I wonder if there's some incompatability with whatever version of Safari you're running, or maybe some browser plugin?

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