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Depths Of Obscurity: Canuxploitation from the 1970s http://t.co/ZGOAB7Cat9 http://t.co/ChBfPX13p7
RT @ckargman: There we are folks - 1000 films watched according to Flickchart! The 1000th movie? "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly," whic…
The Official "Fantastic Four" Reboot Teaser Trailer is Here http://t.co/YfiZFxTGQi http://t.co/CS5loE5XO7
Tom Hardy & Gary Oldman Star As Russian Agents in Trailer for Cold War Political Thriller ... http://t.co/L59N9cg9Qc http://t.co/xBuKT8WkYS
Disney Hires a New Writer for the First "Star Wars" Spin-off Movie http://t.co/YNl7D0GRkA http://t.co/F4SMnjtvB5
The Official "Fantastic Four" Reboot Teaser Trailer is Here http://t.co/YfiZFxTGQi http://t.co/PesjabRSVN
Weekend Box Office: "American Sniper" Can't Be Stopped; "Mortdecai" and "Strange Magic" D.O.A. http://t.co/Wr1pg0ED7J http://t.co/IxfE8FxkCG
Movies to Watch With Your Dad: Yojimbo http://t.co/XFhSwL4wDL http://t.co/wmQRRuaQ9Z
Forget Hollywood Blockbusters: The Real Money's in Mobile Apps http://t.co/CfSjgT0XwM http://t.co/zXCN69X8xm
Weekend Preview: Jan 30, 2015 - The Loft, Project Almanac, Black or White http://t.co/wB184B9dVA http://t.co/fGB6siv7rO
Movies to See Before You Die: "Back to the Future" http://t.co/7dy9iY89N3 http://t.co/zTjpGXn3Z8
"American Sniper" Crushes the Second Box-Office Bomb of 2015 http://t.co/kVgtVsJUYT http://t.co/zL36NenlQZ
Watch: New Trailer for Found Footage Mockumentary Horror "Digging Up the Marrow" http://t.co/ZDwVWUUVte http://t.co/oe5mWJIs8v
The Top 15 Best Picture Winners Available on Netflix Canada http://t.co/PevVpFwL7z http://t.co/O8jS64Y1PW
Back To The Future: The Case of the Two Martys http://t.co/LDEvVzjiFw http://t.co/5WKrDOCXPY
@Millerita @cinematicsnobs Keep at it, Sara! Your journey to cinematic enlightenment has just begun.
"Mockingjay" Soars to the Top of the U.S. Box Office http://t.co/D8nGE4Z1iV http://t.co/U8ivSG6AMs
DreamWorks Animation Lays Off 500 Employees, Reshuffles Their Production Schedule http://t.co/UzhbOPVnxa http://t.co/ndv76Zq5wI
WATCH: New Trailer for Psychotic Horror-Thriller "The Man in the Orange Jacket" http://t.co/ggf54EGtFH http://t.co/OIzYmSz27B
RT @BriguySalisbury: My not-so-glowing review of The Boy Next Door for @Flickchart. Again, I PROMISE I like movies. http://t.co/E8UHbzDwIM

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