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@itisasillyplace yes! http://t.co/i7Us6xfdMi
@Anotherfilmnerd One should always have some merit that elevates it. Acting, writing, cinematography, music, nostalgia, personal experience.
RT @IFC: Let's do a poll: ALIEN or ALIENS? Yeah, let's open THAT can of worms!
@br1mbel Suppose it's a good thing those gentlemen weren't extraordinary and forced Sean Connery into retirement!
@Levisan Sure. On your profile page, click "edit your profile", then scroll to bottom and click "Delete Rankings".
Take me out to the ball game! It's Opening Day! Here's your Top 10 Baseball Movies of All-Time: http://t.co/Fkym31aOWs
RT @rejects: People who have big opinions about movies they haven't actually seen. The scourge of the film conversation. Read: http://t.co/…
RT @faithx5: Woo, ranking The Great Gatsby (2013) gave a really nice set of @Flickchart matchups. I foresee a good Adventures in Flickchart…
Flickchart will be part of a con for the first time at @WizardWorld Louisville Comic Con. Read more about it: http://t.co/b6KgmVBaMC
Cribbster's 1 millionth matchup was "300" vs. "Jingle All the Way". "300" was the victor. Congrats, @Jonathan_Cribbs! http://t.co/HKwZ4j52BP
HUGE NEWS! One of our users, "cribbster" (@Jonathan_Cribbs) has JUST become the first Flickcharter to hit 1 MILLION rankings! Nicely done!
Something big is about to happen...
Best Picture? Best Actor? Most Underrated? Who walks away with the Flickcharters' Choice Awards this year? Find out: http://t.co/VnswmEhWH1
@Jamie221b @JamesStarslayer Welcome to the fold. Rank on. Every movie you've ever seen, and those yet to come, are awaiting your verdict.
It would take 7 months to fly to Mars. You'd need about 2000 movies to occupy that many waking hours of "in-flight entertainment".
RT @smokey_bear: Just made my first ever #Oscars debut. Thanks again @Pharrell #hattip good luck. #happy http://t.co/Ep2Burzile
RT @mikepankowski: My Flickchart says that The World's End was the best film of last year, so I hope it wins Best Picture tonight.
Who's going to win? Rank the films nominated in tonight's Oscars! #oscars http://t.co/emuVTLfNn9
@GuitarRox99 We're on it.
@Oscar_XIII @heel_pictures Nicely done. Rank on, good sir.

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