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RT @purplecow17: New blog: A Day in the Life of Flickchart http://t.co/AiObUrTib5
@earivir @Soulo_Guero http://t.co/JGmoux7EWS should suffice for your ranking on the go.
RT @Soulo_Guero: .@Flickchart has taught me that what my favorite movie is, is different than what I think it is.
RT @thelastdisciple: It's a great time to do some @Flickchart-ing!
@cinematicsnobs Nicely done. You guys should come hang out over on https://t.co/5Lw03BzOfG - our hardcore Flickcharters discussion group.
@cinematicsnobs Anywhere online we can listen yet?
@S7ORMRIDER Come hang out with us: https://t.co/5Lw03BzOfG
@Anotherfilmnerd @SarahJoSmiley The point of the argument is to point out all the things you love about both films & compare & contrast them
@Anotherfilmnerd @SarahJoSmiley There's usually some combo of direction, art, acting, script, etc. that elevates one film over the other.
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RT @kevinbrettauer: i just rated JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK over THE TREE OF LIFE on flickchart, who wants to fight me
RT @AmznMovieRevws: The Lego Movie. http://t.co/p1c59lvOaW
@Nonameneeded34 Yes. We should.
RT @nathanchase: If J.J. were teasing WarGames in 2014, it might look a little something like this... https://t.co/0mrExO4PY2
Here we go. http://t.co/z9WhUHlzJJ
RT @shellshiznit: It's almost time for the trailer! I hope you all like it.
RT @THR: 'Star Wars' vs. 'Jurassic Park': Who Wins? http://t.co/iYM376d87f
@JJJJust You may have accidentally marked them unseen at some point. Recommend removing them and re-adding them to your chart.
BATMAN vs DARTH VADER https://t.co/Yvp2yLqwSf #BatmanVsVader
@steveblank Exactly as it should be.

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