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RT @ScottLBrowning: I feared @Flickchart would do this to me….. What one!? #DawnOfApes #Gravity http://t.co/xe8QdsPyqn
RT @thelastdisciple: If you're not on Flickchart and you love keeping track of films you've watched and ranking which ones you love the mos…
@filmbantha These folks could help you out.. https://t.co/H4CZPGaMei
Reel Rumbles: 'Gravity' vs. 'Life of Pi' http://t.co/hxi34tWPJJ
@EddieMantegna Didn't realize there was a demand for an XBMC app. You're the first to mention it. Thanks for the suggestion, though!
@jewbo23 Yes. The infrastructure to support that is built-in to our upcoming revamp of Flickchart. Always looking for more ways to rank...
RT @thelastdisciple: I've been ranking so many films on @Flickchart lately that I'll prob be ranking them in my dreams.
Are you a fan of LOOPER, BRICK, & THE BROTHERS BLOOM? @rianjohnson has been tapped to direct Star Wars VIII and IX! http://t.co/POmEwgKCDM
RT @JamesGunn: Drew Struzan inspired #GuardiansoftheGalaxy art by @PaulShipper of the @PosterPosse Posse. http://t.co/TCQwrc27hi
@Raidspawn So do we!
RT @BDisgusting: [Remake vs. Remake] ‘Dawn of the Dead (2004)’ or ‘The Blob (1988)’? http://t.co/z17ND5cTIQ #Editorials #News #1988
Take a look at some of cinema’s past mechanical monstrosities. Tropes in Tens: The Hollywood Mech-Suit http://t.co/hu5IgqbHLx
@FakeShemp We denied its inclusion for years. People kept submitting it. Eventually we relented, but we agree it's odd - to say the least.
@The_Geek_Room All the way to the top, eh? That's some high praise.
NOLAN fans should be excited for this one... https://t.co/unYXuNagO0
@notkeithcalder Glad you stuck with it. We tried to stick it out through All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, but Amber Heard just wasn't enough.
@MaximiStrumphi One of the best and the worst - simultaneously - given different criteria. Robin Williams's movies seem to have that effect.
@itisasillyplace yes! http://t.co/i7Us6xfdMi
@Anotherfilmnerd One should always have some merit that elevates it. Acting, writing, cinematography, music, nostalgia, personal experience.

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