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@virginmedia Truly shocked at poor customer service.Upgraded to new package and been overcharged for it and the calls.Also regular outages
@tesco So you think it's ok to not deliver school uniform,be told to cancel order as sourced elsewhere,then charge our card tdy for full amt
@tasha6675 @Tesco Disgusted that Tesco F&F front page "Are you ready for term time?". NO WE'RE NOT - YOU HAVEN'T DELIVERED OUR UNIFORM!
@tasha6675 @Tesco Schools get a % kickback from Tesco which is why they choose them. Cancel order and buy plain clothes in correct colours
@tasha6675 @Tesco It's bad enough not delivering, but to then not get a useful answer or help from customer services is appalling.
@tasha6675 @Tesco I know, starting school is stressful enough for the kids without having uniform worries! Will have to buy some locally
@tasha6675 @Tesco Good luck! We ordered on 4th August and it's still "processing". Get either ignored or lies from customer services
@jamie13usa @Tesco Yep our 2 daughters too,ordered a month ago,they phoned last week to promise dispatch Monday but it's still "processing"
They lied to us - said would definitely be dispatched Monday after 3 week delay, it wasn't, and still isn't https://t.co/gBCZCNPQa4
@tesco failed to deliver uniform when promised.2 daughters to start new school without correct uniform-in trouble first day. thanks tesco
@tesco embroidered uniform ordered over 3 weeks ago, no sign of it being sent and customer services ignoring us. Appalling.
1and1 email is down
Pls @FriendsLifeTalk be more like @JohnLewisRetail: save face&respond with grace. Meet with Nic's family before the FO submission #NicsFight
@chriswright58 @O2 Sounds like this http://t.co/AXeEnSFg Maybe O2 have changed protocol this morning on masts. I noticed it says 3g not 3G
@O2 two blackberries here started rebooting frequently this morning. Both on O2. Have factory reset mine still the same. nr Southampton
@chriswright58 @O2 May be certain phones/area-ours a 9360 we're in Locks Heath (Southampton).I'm trying 2G only now and not happened since
@chriswright58 Have 2 Blackberry Curves here on O2, both keep rebooting since this morning. Reset mine to factory defaults, still happening.
two #blackberry phones here constantly rebooting both on #o2 anyone else having problems with blackberry on o2 today?
#o2 #noservice now they're online service checker is broken! chain reaction...
#o2 #nosignal #nocustomerservice #muppets

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