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RT @dburka: "If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings." @ideo #oldybutgoody
Love using Dropbox Paper for documenting/exploring designs. These new image 'reviewer' features make it even better
@ryannickum After the selection it should play music for the other partner's celebration dance. Very similar to Mau…
@ryannickum You could make a simple Alexa app that does this. "Alexa, ask WakeUpDuty who has to get up today?" "Wak…
RT @thejameskyle: Junior people will do extremely impressive work if you give them confidence. Give them confidence.
@Zee @inboxbygmail @gmail @boomerang 100% agree. I'm hoping that's just a matter of time since this GMail add-ons p…
When your daily task list has only actionable items - "She said cutting the grass was on her husband's to-do list"
@Zee @inboxbygmail @gmail Agreed. Surprised it isn't a Labs feature within GMail along w/ Send Later functionality.…
Fireflies, and what they can teach us about, well, everything. An interactive simulation: via @ncasenmare
RT @travis_robert: This street in Amsterdam = width of any street in Brooklyn. Look what's possible when you don't prioritize storage for c…
@British_Airways Many frustrations could have been relieved w/ communication by management. Both your staff and you…
RT @LoisScript: THIS.
Chaos at @HeathrowAirport. @British_Airways systems down and complete lack of communication by BA. So many confused and stranded people.
RT @loucaspapa: “Chatting with Tim Van Damme, Head of Design at Abstract” by Marie van Boxel
"Don’t Disrespect Users in Pursuit of Micro Conversions"
Win your customers/users over one by one by learning and listening to their problems — Handcrafted w/ Brian Chesky
"Look for the magic moments of your product by talking to your users" How to Get Users and Grow by @alexschultz
@ryannickum This is amazing. I need these in my life.
Adding Muji Huts to my list of wants for prime time glamping.

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