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My Birthday Wish, Clarity /by @danmartell #mustread
How To Measure Mobile Metrics To Help Your App Get Traction /on @maplebutter /by @lennysan
28% of US smartphone owners use them as primary 'Net connection -CY
Rogers brings LTE to Ottawa | #LTE #speedy -CY
Shoutout from @bgr for @scoremobile #playbook app!
iPad makes up one percent of global web browsing, magic -- Engadget -CY
App Store hits 15 billion downloads, $2.5 billion paid by Apple to developers -- Engadget -CY
Why develop apps for BlackBerry and PlayBook? Ekkehard Gentz thoroughly outlines his reasons. #bbdev -EF
MIT Develops Cheap Smartphone Clip-On to Detect Cataracts -EF
RT @bctechnology Toronto's @ScoreMedia and @FiveMobile collaborate on app for BlackBerry PlayBook
UX Review of WSJ's 2-Star iOS app by Jakob Nielsen. In short: confusing startup screen that offends subscribers. -EF
In S. Korea, subway commuters scan QR codes beside pictures of groceries, and they're delivered to their door. -EF
18% of BlackBerry subscribers use OS 6, 50% use OS 5 | -CY
A rant about capacitive buttons. Do you love the minimalist look, or do you hate pressing one by accident? -EF
Canadian Wireless Trade Show is happening September 15th | -CY
iPad passes the 100,000 apps milestone, rest of the tablet world looks on in disbelief -- Engadget -CY
Windows Phone Marketplace now populated by 25,000 apps, speeding up rate of growth -- Engadget -CY
Android Market reaches 4.5 billion downloaded apps, "The last billion took 60 days" | -CY
One of the best mobile websites we've seen 2 date is Google+. Looking forward to the app. cngrts to Jeson, Anish & the rest of the team -AS
Why You Should (Not) Have a Mobile App - "Mobile apps may be cool right now, but not everybody needs one." -EF

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