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RT @lisamsilvia: Loved the piece @outcast2 🙏🏽 - The Best PR Advice You’ve Never Heard - from Facebook’s Head of Tech Communications https:/…
RT @amplitudemobile: What Obama’s #Tech #Startup Has to Teach About #Adaptability: via @FirstRound…
Listen to @BoxedWholesale CEO Chieh Huang talk about what it’s like to sell millions of rolls of toilet paper
“We want our values to remind people what they should do next to keep moving forward.”
RT @altschool: "The eventual goal is to apply the company’s formula to a network of private, public, and charter schools across the US." ht…
Great to see several companies from our community on the 2017 Wealthfront Career-Launching Companies List. Congrats!
“Adaptable people have to be optimistic. I don’t think anyone who’s adaptable lacks this trait.” – @alohaj9
RT @USDS: "Adaptability is not just about beating your head against the wall. It’s asking why the wall is there."
Introducing the EO2 from @ElectricObjects along with the launch of a curated Art Club
“You want to build a team where it's always possible to get back to the source of a decision.” - @alohaj9 of @USDS
What Obama’s tech startup has to teach about adaptability (ft. @alohaj9, new on @Firstround Review)
RT @bishopkh1: .@hayleybay killing it at the Breaking VC's Bro Culture panel @ForbesUnder30 and thanks for the @DormRoomFund shoutout! htt…
RT @mattermarkdaily: Your Database is Your Prison — Here’s How Expensify Broke Free | @FirstRound Review
RT @heyreiwang: Proud of @lee94josh for working on this FB bot. @DormRoomFund partners doing big things!
RT @AngelaVitzthum: Goodness gracious. This. Yes. Your Database is Your Prison — Here’s How Expensify Broke Free –
Are you making a copy of the internet daily? If not, stop trying to emulate Google’s database architecture.
RT @DormRoomFund: Our second #DormRoomFounders feature on @behumon CEO Alessandro Babini is now out! @alebab #FounderFriday #WhyDRF https:…
RT @expensify: "The challenge for any new startup is to retain the benefits of the past with a dash of the future." via @firstround https:/…
“Let’s buy a safe once we’ve got cash piled up in stacks. That’s how startups often think about database security.”
RT @donnyo: Your Database is Your Prison — Here’s How Expensify Broke Free – So glad we forged a similar path at @Y…

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