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Great job opportunity. If you're into all that God shit. https://t.co/Lsy42xkwKp
48TB of video storage and counting.
Any suggestions on the best invoicing and expense tracking software? Looking for simple.
@patrickbretonNS @NSBI Thanks Patrick.
@HalifaxWater any reason the water at my home in Bedford smells and tastes aweful? Started this week.
Well deserved win. Although all the companies are doing great work in our province. https://t.co/sBVJRgukQl
Looking to cast a "grandparent" role in this project! The role is kind, storytelling grandparent sharing some... https://t.co/6D8R8UpTJe
Casting Call! Looking for a young person, aged 9-11 male or female for a shoot next week. This video is being... https://t.co/PhLBHOoRae
Remember to vote. If you don't know who to vote for try green, they won't win but at least you'll piss somebody... https://t.co/3c4Urpurhw
There's something fishy about this place. https://t.co/pd4aBZrB8x
Apparently wrong Sydney. Oh well, time for a beer. https://t.co/HXJhfC0RQA
Couldn't pass on a cheap flight to Sydney Australia. Not sure if that's the Opera house?? #smallerthanitlooks https://t.co/SviG7MuVEB
Lunching at the salt shaker #toughworkday https://t.co/4x09NFCuwY
Contemplating the meaning of life https://t.co/WdwGc80KtU
Getting a little arty. https://t.co/yKl76MZ6Ij
Apparently some producers don't supply snacks on shoots! Damn heathens. https://t.co/pwzuqF8pI1
Car on fire on the 101 :-( @HaliBreaking https://t.co/L6jXfOYM4t
@UPSHelp I'm in Canada. And if the mailbox is not ok than maybe a damn plastic bag??
So put it in a plastic bag!!! Jesus. https://t.co/AVrJMVorLC
Hey @UPS nice job leaving my hard drive in the rain for 4 days! Maybe try the mailbox next time? https://t.co/ozWkR50k9i

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