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@JeffTan5 ciao Jeff- if you are inducing labor, that day does not fall in a cusp day- so, you decide and have a safe birth:)
Did you know that there are several distinct types of Chi beyond Natural? (Heavenly, Human, House & Social.) I'll elaborate tomorrow.
More on roosters later- this is how I activate my horse in our home... horse sculpture and pillow in the horse direā€¦ https://t.co/5DT0rYbU9w
Roosters are self relents and efficient folk- they don't waste their time. They multi-task and delegate- always on the move.
Rooster Talk... your best direction is West (247.5-277.5) and your element is Metal. If you want to activate your rooster- that's the spot.
We all are a little rooster- but to those born in the rooster year (those 12,24,36,48,60, etc.), these tweets are for you.
Happy year of the rooster! Acknowledge your inner rooster this year- be aware of general rooster traits- we all have a little rooster in us.
Everyone should know their beneficial directions if they practice "compass feng shui". Where do you rest your head at night?
Free feng shui advice for those inclined to ask... just know your Chinese animal character and western designation and send me a tweet.
Dialog is an awesome daily opportunity we have to creat positive chi in our environments--- play some nice music or sing....It's that simple
The words we hear are are as powerful as the words that we speak---- simple dialog can be so powerful or so utterly destructive.
I'm reading a small book called "angel words"--- it discusses the powerful ability of our words to affect or life- positively or negatively
If it is raining were you are then it's a great day to check you drains and water spouts--- water is yang. Too much isn't good..Of anything
Today we are re-placing the stones of the stream bed after a ten year cleaning.. Important to keep water elements clean thought your life
Or how about making sure that none of the mirrors in your home cut off part of your head- that's obviously not a good thing.
Time to revamp your chi today. Identify and remove two or three poison arrows from your environment today-
.... consider washing your windows to allow more positive chi to inter your space. Heck-- lets all wash a window or two today.
... and anything that may be overgrown in your yard, patio or terrace. if you live in an apartment without outdoor access consider washing

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