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Wow, Favit is a good idea. Here’s to Tim for servicing the funny rather than glassy-eyed validation junkies and Charlotte NC.
One more person nominates Favrd for a ‘mashable’ award and I show up and rip out your fucking liver.
@seanhussey Registrations should work again now.
A decision has been reached: the ‘older’ and ‘newer’ page links on the leaderboard have annoyed Monteiro long enough.
Just moving servers. Might be some asynchronous behaviour on The Favrd for a bit.
Yeah yeah. Deal with it.
They’re on the truncation problem: http://xrl.us/or3e2
The Favrd is now tweet-searchable. Default boolean logic is OR, but you can do +include -exclude and "exact phrase" if’n you like.
30 seconds after introducing search: "2008-09-07 14:06:51 Debug: Someone searched for vagina"
The Favrd is having some data issues with the Twitter. All favs will be appear once this is resolved. Thanking you!
One could go on.
Also: @techcrunch @stevegillmor @SteveRubel @gapingvoid @copyblogger @mashable @stoweboyd @chrisbrogan @tferriss @problogger
Sounds like a menu item at a retirement home for boxers. http://mashupawards.com/favrd/
Textile _formatting_ is *off* _for a while,_ as its increasing and gratuitous *overusage* is _fucking annoying._
Okay, votes are gradually coming in. Favrd homepage restored. Resume logrolling.
Update: just heard from The Twitter and we should be back on track again. Will announce here when back to full steam.
$visible = (preg_match("/iphone|app ?store/i",$tweet)) ? false : true; //tempting
NB: If your Twitter updates are protected, Favrd can no longer tally your favourites. An open kimono is required for your votes to count.
Every time @kikipedia favourites @mickipedia, my server emits a puff of white smoke and a kazoo sound.
Stressing out with all this data after the Twitter crash. Actually, no, doing fine with it.

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