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Petersons Web Developing Site | Free Divi https://t.co/wWE56t8dbt
RT @Ig_Cork: #Kinsale at twilight so beautifully captured @deirdrops Insta @Ig_Cork #cork #ireland #eire #sunset #ig_cork https://t.co/4OnE…
Climate change? What climate change? https://t.co/zv8ZVTpBlo
RT @Rainmaker1973: @NOAA @NASANPP When you read the words 'hurricane' & 'Ireland' in the same sentence, it's probably time to stop doubting…
@lizadonnelly @CBSThisMorning @Airbnb @bchesky I used to like CBS This Morning until you became a giant infomercial… https://t.co/hZEWr9AYxi
Free layouts for Divi https://t.co/qiFxiRzI0E via @@DiviTheme
Will Boston's working class be entirely sealed off from the waterfront; eventually driven out of the city by rampan… https://t.co/nMOjc22GX3
@dankennedy_nu Watch the tape....stunning and sad.
RT @JobHuntOrg: Want to Get Hired? 8 Things Every Interviewer Is Thinking @jeff_haden https://t.co/XfoPSQlvzh
Having lied under oath to Congress, why isn't Sessions already in handcuffs? https://t.co/OxxatbFGQP
The Salvador Dali of politics. https://t.co/NYse9nWN0A
@ABC It's coming out her ears. Just another Trump lackey spouting hearsay, unsubstantiated drivel and pure fiction… https://t.co/J8G1HWxjMQ
@johnrobinson @dankennedy_nu She has no business quoting anonymous people and spouting hearsay from a lectern in th… https://t.co/lq2g9QVs16
Laugh, don't cry! https://t.co/Frzemmqa0b
WH press corps deserves a medal for not mobbing the stage and tearing #SarahHuckabeeSanders to shreds - what a complete pantload - typical!
@leyles7 WTH does that mean? What a pantload...worse than Spicey, a disgrace to womanhood who can kiss any politica… https://t.co/WjEo20sbPy
@in4infor She's getting everything she deserves - another Trump toady spouting his lies, distortions and insults ab… https://t.co/Ef3nprMG4R
@DrTGIF A complete bitch with nothing to say except 'quoting' non existent people and repeating hearsay - a f*cking… https://t.co/SIffOR8Y5V
@jinmoon10 Heavy use of hearsay, made-up quotes from a WH staffer - disgraceful performance - it is a performance.… https://t.co/eI0FT1HzCj
@ACaruso929 @SarahHuckabee @melissamccarthy @seanspicer @PressSec How about Monica Lewinsky?

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