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Large-scale energy storage is the (virtual) power plant of the future
You can now open your Samsung phone with your face
Blue Origin’s 10 minute space ride could cost $200,000 – but there will be leather seats
Bluetooth trackers and the race to help you find your stuff
How to turn your internship into full-time work--including at another company
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In its new factory, Impossible Foods will make 12 million pounds of plant-based burgers a year…
In 15 years, millions of people will give up their cars for autonomous ridehailing
Carl’s Jr.’s new ad strategy is ditching the boobs to concentrate on the food
BuzzFeed could finally go public next year: report
Domino’s will deliver pizza using sidewalk robots in Germany
Are you seeing a mysterious rocket ship icon in your Facebook news feed?
1. These screens are tall.
This tech platform is the backbone of the anti-Trump organizing efforts
How these seven tech leaders are tackling diversity in 2017
This neighborhood is transforming by letting artists buy its vacant homes for cheap:
Three reliable leadership lessons I keep going back to in uncertain times
This is how to get hired at Facebook
The trailer for Stephen King's "It" remake is here—and now you have nightmares
The first full trailer for Luc Besson’s “Valerian” is as wild as you’d expect

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