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Do you have questions about the construction happening on E-470? The full schedule of closures is posted online. https://t.co/vl9U2qd9hY
We hope everyone had a safe and fun Fourth of July weekend!
What to do if an animal runs in front of your car. Some great tips from AAA! https://t.co/JrPAOztyzl
Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend. As a reminder Extreme Auto will be closed next Monday.
Not sure where June went? Don't worry, us too. Have a great last day of June from Extreme Auto. https://t.co/EDt85ZYsxR
Make sure to replace your windshield wipers about every 6 months. https://t.co/0WYYYW9f2T
Looking to take your kids out, but don't want anything too tough? Here are a few great beginner hikes to check out! https://t.co/7mFLEwPQxw
Extreme Auto Repair is a locally owned full service mechanic shop. We can handle anything from an oil change to engine repair.
Baby ostrich go-karts. The red one wins! https://t.co/30lOrLu3LL
Happy first official day of summer! Have you done anything fun with your family yet?
Have a Happy Father's day this weekend! https://t.co/dg38IJvW92
Extreme's emoji challenge! Can you guess this driving tip below: 🚘 +📱=🚔 +😰
https://t.co/iX7jCJoHzu How Cool!
If you're still looking for a gift for Dad this weekend here's a cute craft idea! https://t.co/J5I3KLGt3f
Have a great and safe time this weekend @ParkerDaysFest! #ParkerDays
We don't recommend doing this in a real car, but how cute is this in your driveway! https://t.co/MmKjwxoO6M
Parker Days kicks off TOMORROW! Will we see you there? @ParkerDaysFest
"When a crash is inevitable, autonomous vehicles will have to decide whom to collide with." https://t.co/75aGLX6E9Z #selfdrivingcars
We love Fridays! https://t.co/GDvwnwYWN1
On this day in 1935, Babe Ruth announced his retirement from baseball. . Tonight the @Rockies play against the Boston Red Sox. Go Rockies!

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