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Strength can be understood in the absence of pain, but what good would that knowledge be? ❤️
@TheGhostRider31 He may be a fool, but not foolish. 😊
❤️ this is true.
Coffee is coffee is coffee. And when made well, it's Art. ❤️
@Bhagi_Rp 😀
You decide. ❤️
@advaitn ❤️ that coming from you means a lot! @stuffednstarved
@rishavrastogi 😊 yes
@pure_singh Mumbai, Sirji
@therowdymba ❤️ the idea isn't to convince you, it is to stay convinced. No list needed for that.
@therowdymba 11:11 isn't about wishing for things.. It is about wishful thinking. Don't let fools fool you, Watson. ❤️
#WinterIsGoing 😟
11:11 ❤️
Maharashtra Times and more. ❤️ . . . #me #happeningnow #home #family #happiness #morning #…
Whether we should be a cashless system or not is a different topic, but we MUST attempt using less paper if not be entirely paperless. 😕
Hey @StarbucksIndia, KUDOS on the 100% Recycled ♻ tissues. Please reduce paper usage for bills/receipts. 👇 are from…
@MumbaiyaChori ❤️🐶
@themesmerizer15 😊 yes

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been out of pro baseball for like 2 years now... and dang it feels good to be doing something with myself!

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