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@ChphGomez spatchcock chicken with prosciutto
Sarah joined forces with @kincommunity and @EntWithBeth to create a healthier dinner menu -- check out her dessert! http://t.co/UiBFRV2pNC
Check out Sarah on Yahoo!'s The Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth!!!! They're talking lightened up snacks,… http://t.co/IWwGZkh9qQ
In Sarah's kitchen: dinner tonight. Pork with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans. http://t.co/hdmOlllh0K
Salty, sweet, and so savory: pork medallions with apple -walnut slaw http://t.co/B0OlxvfJyF
Say hello to a gorgeous dinner with this easy broiled salmon with fennel, bell peppers, and olives http://t.co/8xDiivG0US
Have you downloaded our December issue? It's packed with recipes that are perfect for winter weather and it's FREE! http://t.co/3bvs3qjtqt
Our favorite blizzard comfort food? This tortellini with lemon and brussels sprouts http://t.co/CSxI9MSFJL
Chicken + cauliflower + parsley = dinner heaven http://t.co/sGEc2VvlBZ
Get your pans out -- it's holiday baking time! First up: apricot-pistachio biscotti http://t.co/bzMETYYpd2
What's the best way to spread holiday cheer? With cranberry-orange loaves from our December issue. Download it today! http://t.co/6y8i59nEjJ
Have an extra sweet potato lying around? Use it to make this hearty soup with sausage and greens: http://t.co/iAsmZb8bKx
We're getting steamed up! (Over this steamed salmon with white beans) http://t.co/8dc22DWBNT
Look what just popped up! It's Sarah Carey making apricot-pistachio biscotti on Pop Sugar Live! http://t.co/EbpTSylr9p
What's that you say? You're looking for a super fast dinner recipe? We've got tons of them in our December issue! http://t.co/IomQmFnLjB
We try not to pick favorites -- but it's hard to find a better dinner than a perfectly roasted chicken http://t.co/VmGRIYy2Y6
Butternut Squash and Mushroom Pasta...because you can only eat Thanksgiving leftovers for so long http://t.co/GsSDXFGKxa
In Sarah's kitchen. Pie today. Apple raspberry with crumb topping. http://t.co/cvr5wofbHL
Have you downloaded your copy of the EDF december issue? Do it now and get recipes that are perfect for the holidays! http://t.co/qrsuX5d6ol
Look at the Mussels on @chefjohnbesh! (And join him in making moules Provencal) http://t.co/L46XkNrDBC

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