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With Context, you can write more effectively with help from @WSJ @Inc @FastCompany and @TechCrunch. Learn more: http://t.co/O3OzzyeOeh
Our @LinkedIn integration enhances business cards scans with info you need. Now available for Android. | http://t.co/P9SpVglxab
"You can polish forever, but there's a gut feeling when you know something you've written is ready to go into the world." @susanorlean
It’s the final week of @NaNoWriMo. Keep your focus on the words. Now, it's all about getting to 50k! http://t.co/ye6JYxSPtf
@reinerknudsen The Evernote Edition has custom firmware for a deeper integration with Evernote. It's the only scanner with this integration.
It's that time of year again & we're thrilled to see the Pfeiffer Collection included in the @designmilk gift list! http://t.co/7HN0g1vfgH
Are you using Evernote Premium for your Thanksgiving travels? | Read our tips: http://t.co/h8FyxeNCQi
With Evernote Web, you can quickly search for content related to your story. | http://t.co/ye6JYxSPtf http://t.co/zutDg8xNw4
With Context, you can write more effectively with help from @WSJ @Inc @FastCompany and @TechCrunch. Learn more: http://t.co/4JfltrELRP
An update to our @penultimateapp for iPad is now available in the App Store. See the details here: http://t.co/SGHcvPpwOX
Evernote for Android is now your go to #businesscard scanning app. Start digitizing those cards today: http://t.co/73LA7ikZAE
Clip and save Web pages right from your Android, iPad, or iPhone. | http://t.co/pKaTSbJqws http://t.co/oyVYxDmATC
Evernote + four more tools to keep productivity high through the holidays from @Shama http://t.co/MZGsz9mYUl
Have you tried reminders @aneezzhassan? Tap the alarm icon to pin the note to the top of your notebook. Set a due date too, if you'd like.
What inspires @neilhimself? "Hunger, mostly, of all kinds. And curiosity. And discovery that you don’t have to be inspired. Just to write."
An update on the recent Penultimate 6.0 release & specifics on how we’re directly addressing your feedback: http://t.co/DfoxGFSQTm
@huntaround Welcome back!
Just like you, author Neil Gaiman @neilhimself has struggled with writing words on the tough days. His advice: http://t.co/8xXR5vMUyc
With Context, your work will be sharper, meetings will be faster, and you’ll be prepared to meet client needs. | http://t.co/h8r09LkWlt
Context Tip: Include the name of person you’re meeting with in your note, and if you’re connected you’ll see their @LinkedIn profile pop up.

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