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RT @JBPadgett: @Evernote's Scannable app is unbelievable. I just scanned 50+ handwritten notes from 10 yrs ago from my iphone in ~10 minute…
RT @tayste2000: @evernote thanks for scannable just scanned 15 years of paperwork in an evening, a very boring evening but an evening none …
@donnelly_b that is wonderful! We're working hard to get you #paperless.
Create notes from your iOS Notification center, even on a locked screen. | http://t.co/qkAC0Kc7MI #EvernoteTips http://t.co/bVdj6HzEXH
@ronproulx Apologies for the frustration. Please try these tips to resolve your sync issue: https://t.co/mgQ6k60hHE
@dustinkensrue this is so awesome to see. Thanks for sharing. We'd love to feature your workflow and story on our blog.
@turbov2 definitely actual OCR!
In honor of #HandwritingDay we share one of our favorite tips: Search for your handwriting. | http://t.co/KlupcYzJP8 http://t.co/fcOjmx3g3k
RT @unravelandrevel: @evernote is pretty much my new favorite thing. I can take notes on my laptop, iPhone, or Kindle and they're all in th…
Take 'Command & Control' of your workday with these Evernote shortcuts. | http://t.co/nt413Jlyb6 #EvernoteTips http://t.co/jAlLqcgETT
RT @WebFugitive: In other news, today is national handwriting day. So write everything down -- and copy it to @evernote tomorrow.
RT @perezvanvleck: I just started using @evernote to help me organize my life for the new year. I don't know how I ever survived without it!
RT @ENScannable: Today is #HandwritingDay, how are you capturing writing into @ENScannable?
@onlyskylines Thanks so much for following Evernote. If there's anything we can do to help, let us know!
@tobiasbrummer How about email: tpipes at evernote dot com // thanks!
@Arpit_Chauhan @zachflower #highfive -- clipboard love for both Mac and Windows.
Excellent tip! MT: @zachflower For OSX @evernote users: Command+Shift+v will remove text formatting before pasting from your clipboard.
@tobiasbrummer We love our freelancers, so feel free to share your workflow with us. That's definitely an area we want to write about, too.
Are you a small business using Evernote? If so, we'd love to hear your story. Follow + DM and we'll be in touch shortly.
@AmyGWrites Thanks for sharing! Has Evernote helped your writing?

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