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The EventBox account won't be seeing any more updates from today, so please make sure you're following @socialiteapp for the latest news!
RT @socialiteapp: Socialite Beta 2 is now available! http://bit.ly/1SBt7f
RT @socialiteapp: If you're wondering about the next beta of Socialite we've just posted a quick update: http://icnhz.com/socialite-update
@dolce4 Not yet. Once Twitter make lists available to all users we'll be able to add it to the application.
@Josso000 Once the feature is fully available to all users, we'll be looking into it!
@km Try this Socialite build :) http://twitter.com/socialiteapp/status/4655962060
@Sulcalibur Yes: Smart folders will be back in the next build!
We're still hard at work on the next build of Socialite - expect a much-improved new beta soon!
@MatthewBostock Not currently, but we've got a ticket to look into ways to make this possible in the future!
@damianwalsh We're working on it! Expect a new build soon.
@tobiasre He's continuing to work on EventBox (for Realmac) until its launch as Socialite in November
@unkn0wnvariable We're fixing issues with it, and it'll be back once they're fixed! Try this build: http://icanhaz.com/ebox
@adamprocter Please file bugs at support.realmacsoftware.com - it's the best way for us to keep all bug reports in one place!
@ZicklePop We're still looking into the Colour Profile issue (however no-one else has reported it). If you've got more details, let us know!
@ZicklePop The Realmac folks are handling all things EventBox (including this Twitter account). We've only got 1 ticket from you to date?
If you're encountering any bugs with EventBox, please report them here: http://support.realmacsoftware.com/ :)
@thegoodhuman The most recent beta supports multiple accounts - http://twitter.com/socialiteapp/status/4655962060
@stanlemon They'll be back as soon as we've fixed them! We're still working out a few issues, but hopefully soon!
Thanks for all your kind words, folks! We'll be replying to your tweets shortly!
Licences for Eventbox are no longer available to buy - however all @socialiteapp betas will be free to use until 1.0 ships in November .

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