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@jmacc702 really bro... I don't know what you are talking about.. https://t.co/0DAxjlKHNA
@jmacc702 " I don't know what your talking about" https://t.co/w318GcCv0C
you care about sending me these neighborhood designs so we can get paid or...? https://t.co/xiO2VM46nx
Was trying to call in a massive catering order for a customer. @caferio 9002 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 had… https://t.co/cyvPPcGgZI
@BKillin7 Brian I created an android/iPhone mobile app for the @GoldenKnights with no marketing we now have +3000 downloads. Interested ?
Hey!! @GoldenKnights you have your own app now!!!!! https://t.co/zbrGffS4BF
RT @MyResidentLinc: Who needs forklifts & cranes when you have our co-founders building our booth 117!! Come see them at #optech2017 #Multi…
Come meet our team & see why mobile apps are the future for the #multifamily at #OPTECH17 #nmhc booth 117 :) 👍🏻✌🏻📱 https://t.co/x9I7coWkkW
Viva Las Vegas!! @GoldenKnights win again :)
RT @GoldenKnights: FINAL SCORE ALERT Us: 5 Them 4 Mood: 😎
@GoldenKnights my company builds apps. We created an app for you guys and want to partner. Who can I email ? https://t.co/Nu5RpLWBsl
@GoldenKnights embarrassed Boston :) what a wicked good time. https://t.co/ljfWBUuP1e
RT @DoorGrow: DGS 31: Why Your Property Management Business Needs a Mobile App - https://t.co/MO53sMyutq #DoorGrowShowPodcast https://t.co…
As a #JetBlue mosaic I get free drinks for me / my guest but have to pay $5 for a blanket?! Lost my cc & am freezin… https://t.co/XVjBDfS7CM
RT @Rob_Flaherty: they were literally shouting "jews will not replace us" https://t.co/gV8URZROcd
Feeling you get when you pull up to a new city to launch some new apps 📱💡📈 https://t.co/Jc5yoMIPpr
RT @MyResidentLinc: #throwbackthursday-Entrepreneurship is integral to our future. Follow us on Instagram for our thoughts on why https://t…
I've been trying to cancel since April ... #centurylink is the worse. https://t.co/O8radRTgx1
Hour... this makes it 3 total I've been on hold with @centurylink ... worst company of all time 😫 https://t.co/6yuBkjjgKJ
@CenturyLinkHelp @chebanijahardi I'm still waiting ...

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As a Las Vegas entrepreneur/ inventor I develop creative marketing campaigns, invent new product and come up with innovative concepts.

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