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I have a baby boy! He's 7 lb 11 oz of awesomeness.
IMAX 3D tickets for Avatar @ Navy Pier are now available... hurrah python + cron job
@tlipcon Thank you for THRIFT-622 -- sooooo necessary.
Go looks alright, but another programming language? And one whose developers trade off compilation time over runtime performance (via Ars)?
@poppylinden Facebook stopped contributing to the open source release of Cassandra, as is easily found. They are still using their version.
@anniewisc Thanks for the Jim Gaffigan @ Chicago reminder, just got two sweet presale tickets
bottle.py + jquery through google url's is amazing for simple proof-of-concept web ui work. I can usually get full working demo in minutes.
@jdawe Agility EX at home because it's cheapest good SLC (still $$$), X25-M G2 at work because we don't want to have to do all the tweaks.
You all now know an apple pie baking contest finalist. Top 10 out of 120. While hungover at 7am his morning. Didn't get to eat any though...
Remember cigarette vending machines?
@mixedfeelings you still at sultan's? I live across the street.
In 2 weeks both office & home will be quad-core, multi-hard-drive + ssd, dual 1920 monitors, current OS, & fancy chair. I'm expecting magic.
@jdawe sounds more like a good made for TV movie to me
@jkestr you can take a mortgage out on the price, not on the closing costs
@evan dreiss has some patches out there to get rid of boost for the compiler anyway, you may want to apply them
I've spent more in the last 2 months than in the previous year. Things they don't tell you about marriage.
@jkestr No recommendations, but qpid is the only one that supports 10 as far as I know.
@phatduckk agreed--amazing--but McFerrin never suggests that works on a non-pentatonic culture. Most '1st world' music is so I doubt wiring.
@phatduckk ha, I've actually hit that before, back in my php days. Hebrew or something iirc, and was something obvious when looked up.
Fireworks (off Strawberry Jam) is the only thing I can find to complement the shrieking 4 year old terrorizing this tired bus.

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