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CRISPR Harnessed to Turn Bacteria into Microscopic Tape Recorders
Severed C. elegans neurons send out a ‘save me’ signal that stimulates self-repair.
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Stanford study indicates that more than 99 percent of the microbes inside us are unknown to science…
RT @JakeSaunders: Recently started using @etonbio NC for #sanger #sequence and couldn't be happier with their quick turn around, seriously…
RT @runningBee26: Realizing how much you ❤️ 🔬 when you do a happy 💃 when @etonbio sends you an email saying your DNA sequencing has been st…
New study shows that aging leads to a complex interplay between the microbiome and host physiology…
Researchers identify switch that converts skin cells into blood vessels. Increased telomere levels were witnessed…
Researchers discover new type of cooperative photosynthesis that could help in waste treatment & energy production.…
New insights might help unravel key secrets about safeguarding mitochondria
#Biology #biotech #Genomics #DNA #ChristmasEveEve
Zika Antibody Shields Developing Fetus #ZikaVirus #biotech #Genomics
Virus carrying DNA of black widow spider toxin discovered
New DNA Analysis Shows How Cats Spread Around the World
New study explains how some bacteria manage to photosynthesize in almost complete darkness
Researchers have for the first time identified a fungus as a key factor in the development of Crohn’s disease.…
Babies may one day be born from embryos made with skin cells rather than eggs, according to scientists.…
Scientists have just uncovered a major difference between DNA and RNA #biology
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Bacteria that respond to magnetic fields may soon join the fight against cancer #biotech

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