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Outtakes from yesterday's #netneutrality speech: @AjitPaiFCC's Free Press air quotes and @superwuster's diss
@liszhou @AubreeEWeaver @MorningTech I'm always there with the '90s music references.
@TimothyNoah1 Are you doing the Rosslyn sightseeing tour?
And Cook takes a subtle jab at "alternative facts"
Tim Cook in D.C.: Apple not backing down on privacy fight via @nancyscola @MorningTech
Big tech/telecom donors to Trump inaugural: AT&T, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Intel, Google, Comcast, Charter
Pai's emerging game plan on #netneutrality and why Congress is fast-tracking a copyright bill via @MorningTech
RT @margarethmcgill: Net neutrality news: @AjitPaiFCC met with industry groups this week to talk plans, @byersalex and I report for pros: h…
RT @CNBCnow: Market reacts after Speaker Ryan says will need more time for tax reform & that House, Senate & White House "aren't on the sam…
Nugget in @MorningTech: Issa wants patent chief Michelle Lee to jump to W.H. Office of Science and Tech Policy
Benioff on Jared Kushner-led W.H. innovation office: "I'm not involved with them at all." via @liszhou
RT @DanielStrauss4: Another lead @byersalex story → How a telecom-tech alliance wiped out FCC's privacy rules
RT @politico: How a telecom-tech alliance wiped out FCC's privacy rules via @byersalex
How a telecom-tech alliance wiped out FCC's privacy rules via @byersalex
RT @cbudoffbrown: Republicans escalate their fight over future of the internet, triggering a battle that Dems plan to take into 2018. https…
RT @byersalex: Often relegated to the back-burner, Internet privacy is emerging as a campaign issue for Democrats. My story:…
Democrats want to make GOP pay for attacking internet rules
Trump is expected to sign the resolution undoing the FCC's broadband privacy rules
The House just revoked the federal government’s strongest-ever online privacy regulations.
RT @politico: #Breaking: House votes to revoke broadband privacy rules

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