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A short getaway...
Had the scent of these gorgeous blooming flowers to accompany me today :))
Late lunch!
checking our reno progress 
Just posted a photo
Just put the little one to bed.Tryin to unwind from my super hectic day before turnin in. 2 more days to go, so many datelines to meet.Eeek!
Just posted a photo
Need to control my temper need to control my temper need to control my temper
The sea of people in yishun stadium, WP rally
People cry, not because they are weak but because they have been strong for too long...
We put her to sleep only to find her on her tummy 5 mins later! Ooh ooooo, the flipping has began..
Can't sleep.. Just realized how my body has developed such a sensitivity towards processed food. Hmm... Time to eat better maybe?
And I think I found the migraine trigger - instant noodles! Third time now getting a debilitating headache after instant noodles..
Having migraine and a baby that won't sleep for long, is not such a good combination :/
@sparklethots it's at fernvale sengkang :)
@sparklethots heee, that's the model in hdb hub.. We just sign the papers today :) exciting times!

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