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We’re Honored! https://t.co/VIlrGRoWGy https://t.co/dgc68wrR1h
https://t.co/utUywwx724 remarkable stories, sure to warm your heart. Here's the first one...
MS Flag Football Team Makes History With An Undefeated Regular Season!! https://t.co/3zpVAo4LI7 https://t.co/YIBLCICZZD
Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for the Great Gatsby Dance. If you didn't buy a ticket you are going… https://t.co/IsjGvNN2oP
Parents and Guardians Text Messaging Service https://t.co/sHGGs7vGTh
Will you join us for a glass of wine? 🍷https://t.co/aVY8f6pa1N
#thanksgivingweek . https://t.co/TpWXcYWRzX
#FlashbackFriday Girls to women is one of many after school groups that help our scholars be as successful By D'st… https://t.co/livrfJWgV8
It is 222 days until graduation @neiltyson. Help us get our first graduation speaker. #graduation By D'stini a 12th grade scholar.
Will you join us for a glass of wine? 🍷 - https://t.co/cbOt3e8G0I
Middle School Fall Parent Teacher Conferences November 20th & 21st https://t.co/ducouuH1XF https://t.co/YtaGwY3Lxn
It's 228 days until graduation @neiltyson #FridayFeeling https://t.co/P2RxQ8s32m
Fall Sports Enter Playoffs https://t.co/0oiq1N5F5C
Register now for free EAS Test Preparation for NYC Teachers https://t.co/wGjxkCq07o
November Lunch and Breakfast Menu! https://t.co/xCrhNoznbH
The countdown is still on @neiltyson . it is officially 230 days until graduation. #WednesdayWisdom #graduation Fr… https://t.co/IWs4FwmJE4
High School Seniors to Visit New York City College of Technology https://t.co/TbcnwtVDzM https://t.co/3mEn9IoDQ0
Equality Charter High School Dance https://t.co/qdTbk8a4oR https://t.co/tDlCZ2j6J5
SEPTA (Special Education Parent Teacher Association) https://t.co/ivarjhuB2D https://t.co/Asc6doN8ct
232 days until graduation @neiltyson

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Equality Charter School provides a high level of academic rigor so that our 6th, 7th & 8th graders can unleash their limitless potential.

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