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Contract & Awards: Tactical Training & Threat/Target Systems awarded for $427,000 in CA #GovernmentContracts
#BidOpps -NAICS 236220: Construct Emergency Svc Bldg in NJ. To learn more login epipeline or call 800-518-9306 https://t.co/L6xAJuWuuu
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Contract & Awards: Terminal Flight Data Manager awarded for $344,000 in DC #GovernmentContracts
#BidOpps -NAICS 621111: Center Physician in MO. To learn more login epipeline or call 800-518-9306 https://t.co/VzJhxERmMy
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#BidOpps -NAICS 334220: Hand Held Link-16 Tactical Data Radio in OH. To learn more login or call 800-518-9306 https://t.co/COKaOYmHCJ
Not sure if the govt buys your prod. Or svc. - talk to one of our consultants and they'll show you what bids are available 800-518-9306
Contract & Awards: Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Biological Resource Repository awarded for $137,163 in MD #GovernmentContracts
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#BidOpps -NAICS 238210: Fiber Optic Cable Install in DC. To learn more login epipeline or call 800-518-9306 https://t.co/NBttuHBeMz
Contract & Awards: Systems Engineering & Technical Assistance awarded for $120,000 in VA #GovernmentContracts
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#BidOpps -NAICS 238290: Construct Additional Elevator in KS. To learn more login epipeline or call 800-518-9306 https://t.co/E81yObJSFC
w/epipeline you can keep track of the bids you're interested in making it easier to manage and decide which ones to submit a proposal to
#BidOpps -NAICS 315220: Misc. Deployment Uniforms & Gear in TN. To learn more login epipeline or call 800-518-9306 https://t.co/mRuORPkRro
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